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MA5Q6 Graduate Algebra

Not Running in 2015/16



Status for Mathematics students: List D

Commitment: 30 one hour lectures

Assessment: Three hour examination (85%), weekly assignments (15%)

Prerequisites: This module is aimed at first year PhD/MPhil students. While technically only Algebra II will be assumed, the more important prerequisite is mathematical maturity. 4th year MMath students make take the module only with the permission of the lecturer.

Leads to: : Algebra-oriented TCC modules.

Content: Revision of groups/rings/fields/modules. Basics of category theory, free groups, group presentations, tensor products, multilinear and homological algebra. Brief introduction to representation theory and Galois theory.

Aims: The main aim is to give an overview of various topics in advanced algebra to prepare PhD students for research in all fields.

Objectives: By the end of the module the student should have a more solid and sophisticated understanding of material covered in the undergraduate curriculum, and also familiarity with topics that are not normally part of the undergraduate curriculum, but are assumed by research seminar speakers, such as the basics of category theory and homological algebra.

Books: Sample reference texts:

1. Dummit and Foote "Abstract Algebra"

2. Hungerford "Algebra"

3. Lang "Algebra"

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G100 G103 GL11 G1NC

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