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Copy of UG Handbook June 2017

The following pages are a guide to undergraduate degree courses for students in the Department of Mathematics on the Maths BSc or MMath courses, and on joint degree courses run by the Mathematics Department (in particular Maths and Economics years 1 and 2, Maths and Business Studies years 1 and 2, Maths and Philosophy year 1: in subsequent years students transfer to the partner department).

"General Information" is mainly module advice and useful information to get the most out of your degree, "Rules & Regulations" contains the more detailed information on what you can, and cannot do, and more detail about the regulations governing your degree.

We make every effort to ensure that the information here is accurate. However, the final arbiter of university policy in case of disagreement is the official university regulations, as laid down in the Calendar and Course Regulations.

Overview / Tutors, Supervisors & Lectures
Help and Advice / Computers and LaTeX
Study Guide / Project Funding / Careers
Study Abroad / Links

Module Options / Courses (regulations)
Joint Degrees / Exams & Assessment
Crime and Punishment
Complaints and Appeals

Lecture List 2016/17

Central Timetabling

Student Timetables:

Please note these student timetables are intended as a guide only - full and up to date information can be accessed from Central Timetabling and personalised timetables

Year 1; Year 2; Year 3; Year 4

Year 1; Year 2; Year 3; Year 4

(updated: 17 February 2017)


Information and Updates (see also DUGS Twitter Feed)

Tue 11 Sep '18
Course Handbook 2018/19

Last changes have been made, and the Course Handbook for 2018/19 should now be up to date and ready for the upcoming academic year.

Quick Links


The first port of call for any non-urgent queries should be the Undergraduate Office in the Mathematics Department or your Personal Tutor, either of whom may then pass you on to a more suitable contact. They can be contacted on UGMaths at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Course Regulations

For regulations for Joint Degrees for years once
transfer to the other department has taken place please
consult that Department's Course Handbook.

Useful Forms

Year 1 regs and modules
G100 G103 GL11 G1NC

Year 2 regs and modules
G100 G103 GL11 G1NC

Year 3 regs and modules
G100 G103

Year 4 regs and modules

Archived Material
Past Exams
Core module averages