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MA4J0 Content

Content: The module build upon modules on the second and third year like Metric Spaces, Measure Theory and Functional Analysis I to present the fundamental tools in Harmonic Analysis and some applications, primarily in Partial Differential Equations. Some of the main aims include:

  • Exploring the connections between singular integrals and the summation of Fourier series.
  • Studying Connection between the boundedness of singular integrals and the existence of solutions for some partial differential equations.
  • Understanding the scaling properties of inequalities.
  • Defining Sobolev spaces using the Fourier Transform and the connections between the decay of the Fourier Transform and the regularity of functions.


  • Fourier Series and advanced convergence topics.
  • Fourier transform in  \R^n : including - Schwartz space (including distribution theory). -  H^s Sobolev spaces (including Rellich's theorem and Sobolev embedding). - Littlewood-Paley (applications to PDE).
  • Application to PDE. - Elliptic/Heat equation and the Poisson Kernel & motivation for the study singular integrals. - Wave equation.
  • Maximal functions (Poisson kernel).
  •  L^p and Marcinkiewicz interpolation.
  • Other singular integrals (Hilbert transform - motivated by the multiplier theorem). Higher dimensional multiplier problems.
  • Riesz potentials and ractional derivatives.


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