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MA4A2 Advanced Partial and Differential Equations

Lecturers: Kai Zheng and Weijun Xu

Term(s): Term 1

Status for Mathematics students: List C

Commitment: 30 lectures

Assessment: 3 hour exam (85%), Assessment (15%, "take home mid-term exam").

Prerequisites: Strongly recommended to have taken MA3G7 Functional Analysis I and MA359 Measure Theory.

Leads To: MA4G6 Calculus of Variations and MA592 Topics in PDE.

Content: The theory of partial differential equations (PDE) is important in both pure and applied mathematics. This module will deal with the basic concepts of the modern functional-analytic approach to the study of PDE: the notions of PDE and boundary value problems; questions of existence, uniqueness and properties of the solution for general domains and data. To address these questions, modern tools like Sobolev spaces will be introduced. They allow us to give a precise meaning to these questions and answer them for many examples.

Aims: To introduce the rigorous, abstract theory of partial differential equations.

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