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Volcanic Ash Disruption

For students who think they may not be able to make it back for the start of term:

As flight schedules get back to normal we are acutely aware that some students will still not be able to travel back to University in time for the start of term due to rescheduling of tickets. The advice has not changed significantly since the last update, but please note the link for submission of essays in the first week (for students who cannot submit in person due to extenuating circumstances ONLY).

STEP ONE: Please inform and keep us updated if your plans change.

STEP TWO: Please keep copies of any relevant documentation (e.g. cancelled tickets) in case evidence is required for the Exam Boards. Students will be expected to take reasonable steps to get back in time for the start of term, but if delayed or preparation for exams is felt to have been adversely affected, the Exam Boards require documentation to verify the circumstances.

STEP THREE: If you have an essay or assignment deadline, please plan to submit your work electronically by the relevant deadline. All work should be submitted as a pdf file attachment (unless there are existing arrangements for electronic submission, in which case these should be followed). At present we are ready to accept 2nd and 3rd year essays electronically, other assignment links will be added to this page if neccessary. If you cannot use this page for some reason, please explain why (briefly) and be prepared to submit soon after you make it to Warwick. [This option is NOT for people who are in the UK, who should submit in the normal way.]

STEP FOUR: If you think you may miss an exam - Don't panic. If you miss it, you miss it (though note step 2 - evidence may be required). Appropriate arrangements will be made to ensure that you are not disadvantaged relative to other candidates. What these are will depend on your year, the exam, and what happens between now and next week, but exam boards are used to dealing with missed exams for individual students due to extenuating circumstances, and regulations allow various options for this process. More details will be made available in due course.

To ALL OTHER STUDENTS: Exams and deadlines will all take place according to the existing timetable.

Please check back here for updates.

Dave Wood (Thursday 22nd April, 2010).

Electronic submission of 2nd and 3rd year essays (for students who cannot submit by the usual procedure ONLY).

Staff and Students should also see the University web-page on the disruption which contains additional information and links.