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Ayman Boustati


I am a third year PhD student in the Mathematic for Real-World Systems CDT. My main area of research is in Machine Learning and its applications in healthcare. I am work on developing methodolgies for transfer learning and multitask learning for Gaussian Process models (of the shallow and deep varieties!). I am also interested in probabilistic modelling in general and scaling its applications through Variational Inference.


  • MSc in Mathematics for Real-World Systems from the University of Warwick 2015-2016
  • Master of Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics from the University of Warwick 2011- 2015

Current Projects:

  • I am currently working on my PhD project: Mutitask and Transfer Learning in Gaussian Process Models for Medical Applications. I am supervised by Dr Richard Savage from the Departement of Statistics and the Zeeman Institute at Warwick.

Previous Projects:

Research Interests:

  • Gaussian Processes
  • Multitask and Transfer Learning
  • Bayesian Inference (mainly Variational Inference)
  • Statistical Machine Learning and Probabilistic Modelling
  • Learning Representations
  • Theory and Applications of Deep Learning

Toy Projects:



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