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Julia Resources

Introduction to computing for new MathSys students: here

I ran four Julia reading group sessions every other Friday at 2pm in D1.07 starting from Friday 3rd February 2017.

Topics Discussed:

3rd February: Installing Julia, Jupyter notebooks, devectorisation, command line arguments, parallelisation of code.

17th February: Calling other languages in Julia (the main examples used being C and Python), numerical integration in Julai using Cuba.

3rd March: A more interactive session with plots and animations. Types were also be explored. Here is the gravity example. See which of the animation methods works for you:

Julia Plots



17th March: Graphs (not plots), in particular we looked at the LightGraphs package.

Contained below some useful resources for learning the Julia programming language.

Getting Started:


Learn X in Y minutes where X=Julia

Official documentation

Importing Other Languages:

Python: PyCall, for importing Julia while in Python, see juliapy

C: ccall, minimal working ccall example

R: RCall

MATLAB: Matlab.jl

More Specific Examples:

Christoph Ortner's Julia page

A straightforward tutorial for parallel Monte-Carlo in Julia

Cuba library for multidimensional numerical integration