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Maxim Smilovitskiy

Previous education

'07-'12 Specialist degree in Economics, State University of Saint-Petersburg, Russia

'14-'15 MSc Business Finance, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Current Projects

Together with Simon Graham and Luke Whincop, I am working on a project that aims to model adoptive immunotherapy for cancer treatment. This project is supervised by Prof. David Rand and Dr. Hugo van den Berg, and is done in collaboration with International Agency of Research on Cancer (IARC).

My solo project would be 'Estimation of systemic risk in a model financial system', where the aim would be to test the current set of systemic risk estimation tools within a synthetic financial model to analyse how far we can push them before they become statistically insignificant, and following the trial, address the shortcomings by proposing a more sophisticated model. This project is supervised by Dr. Sam Johnson, Dr. Colm Connaughton and Prof. Robert MacKay. Hopefully it will have the potential to continue as a PhD project.

Research interest


Risk and finance


Physics and Astronomy