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Jevgenij Gamper

Jev graduated in 2017 with an MSc in Mathematics of Real-World Systems.

Jev's interests included automation, computing, bayesian statistics and applied aspects of mathematics with the emphasis on the benefits this blend could bring to the society.

Jev completed an undergraduate double degree in Economics and Finance, Mathematics in United States in North Carolina.


  • Pistoia Alliance Hackathon (25 - 26 Mar 2017) - First place in Microsoft Deep Learning challenge on pathologic gene mutation prediction.

Receiving award at Pistoia Alliance Hackathon.

  • HackPrague (17-18 June 2017) - Third place with team VENE. Worked on neural dialogue generation for VENE dating app. More about the project on Devpost. Team picture link.
  • Introduction to Machine Learning Summer School at Warwick University Mathematics Institute (21-23 June 2017) - helped organising the event, prepared some of the tutorials (Autoencoders and Variational Autoencoders tutorials).
  • Gaussian Processes and Uncertainty Quantification Summer School (11-15 September 2017) - with the support of Mathematics of Systems department will participate in GP summer School in Sheffield.

P. S. Some achievements in the past: 16 years of swimming at National and International level - multiple national champion, european championships semi-finalist; full academic and athletic scholar in North Carolina; led a swimming team to a highest academic standing in United States beating Harward, Stanford and Yale; Paul Fisher Service Award for developing an algorithm for and founding a student managed investment fund and raising 47$ thousand. Won a prize to attend Quant Summit in NYC to meet Marcos LopezDePrado, based on his work I did a thesis in maths during my final year in undergraduate studies.