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Charlotte Roman

PhD Research

The focus of my research is modelling decision-making in traffic in order to improve intelligent road systems. My research models route choice behaviours of drivers in order to increase system efficiency. I have looked at pathfinding and how to classify behaviours to model heterogeneity in populations, for example, how information distribution can affect expected travel times of travellers. Additionally, I am researching how intelligent road signs and signals, i.e. traffic lights, can respond to improve overall traffic flow.

My work uses congestion games from game theory to predict routing behaviours of populations. I use the simulation software SUMO with reinforcement learning algorithms in traffic lights in order to analyse cooperative behaviours of pedestrians and traffic lights.

Academic Achievements & Interests

Completed a BSc in Mathematics at the University of Warwick with a First class honours. This included modules in Game Theory, Combinatorics, Statistics, Bifurcation Theory, Economics and Finance.

Completed an MSc in Mathematics of Systems with a distinction. Chosen optional modules include Algorithmic Game Theory, Mechanism Design and Alternative Games and Computational Methods for Complexity Science. Involved in working on a group project, with a pedestrian simulation company called Legion, on multi-scale modeling for simulation of crowds. My individual MSc project was on the topic of using superorganism decision making as a model of bounded rationality.

Other Skills & Experience

Lab assistant for the modules: IB98D Advanced Data Analysis, IB219 Quantitative Methods for Multivariate Analysis, CS409 Algorithmic Game Theory and CS404 Agent-Based Systems.

Teaching assistant at Warick in London Summer School for the course Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

Current student representative for the Student Staff Liaison Committee. Previously held the position of secretary.

Volunteer Mathematics & Physics teacher for Warwick in Africa. Visited Ghana and Tanzania to teach classes secondary school level maths and also provide pastoral care. This included piloting a new technology hardware 'BluPoint'; working with the company to give feedback on how this could be best used in improving education in rural African areas.

Previously a mentor for 1st-year mathematics students at Warwick University to help provide academic assistance and support.

Have been placed as a GCSE tutor for Mathematics and English for multiple schools in Coventry. Also provided one-to-one academic support for all subjects for students in foster care.


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