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2017 Intake

PhD topic
Supervised by
Susanna Cant
Modelling the effects of coinfection and immunosuppression
Dr Bridget Penman (Life Sciences) and Professor Matt Keeling (Maths/Life Sciences) 
Harvey Devereux
Top-down and bottom-up models in active matter
Professor Matthew Turner (Physics) and Dr Shashi Thutupalli, NCBS Bangalore
Samuel Forbes
Data driven analysis and modelling of the wealth distribution
Dr Stefan Grosskinsky (formerly of Warwick) and Dr Alexander Karalis Isaac

Alexander Holmes

Mathematical Modelling to Inform Yaws Eradication
Dr Louise Dyson (Maths/Life Sciences) and Professor Mike Tildesley (Maths/Life Sciences)

Moh Huda

Moh Huda

(Direct Entry PhD 2018)
Spatial Modelling of Cell Type-Specific Gene Expression
Dr Julia Brettschneider (Statistics) and Dr Sascha Ott (SBIDER)

Connah Johnson

Simulating the evolution of realistic redox chemical reaction networks through thermodynamically driven chemical expansion
Professor Orkun Soyer (Life Sciences)

Michael Luya

Symmetry Invariant Representations for Machine Learning of Electronic Structure Data beyond Energies
Dr Reinhard Maurer (Chemistry)

Benjamin Miller

Age structured models for Human African Trypanosomiasis, Epidemiology
Professor Matt Keeling (Maths/Life Sciences) and Dr Kat Rock (Maths)

Mohammad Noorbakhsh

Predicting Drought in the African Continent
Professor Colm Connaughton (Maths/Complexity Science) and Dr Francisco A. Rodrigues (University of São Paulo)

Emma Southall

Early warning signals of disease elimination
Dr Louise Dyson (Maths/Life Sciences) and Professor Mike Tildesley (Maths/Life Sciences)
blank person

Juan Ungredda

Multi-Information source Bayesian Optimisation
Professor Juergen Branke (Warwick Business School)
Danielle Varjosalmi
Danielle Varjosalmi
(Direct Entry PhD 2018)
Efficient and Parallel Simulation-based Optimisation
Professor Juergen Branke (Warwick Business School)