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Harvey Devereux

Academic Activities

Future Speaker: June 1-4, DARS-SWARM 2021, Kyoto - online

Future Speaker: April 26-27 2021, Mathsys Conference (3 minute thesis style) - online

Secondment: March 2019 - July 2019, Visiting researcher at the Simons Centre for the Study of Living Machines, National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India.

Speaker: 12 December 2018, Talk at the Simons Centre for the Study of Living Machines, National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India

Speaker: 1 October 2018, MIPS in Beetles, Warwick Biological, Soft and Active Matter Group

Poster: 9 August, Mondrian Forests in Julia, Julia Con 2018, Poster Session 1


Devereux HL, Twomey CR, Turner MS, Thutupalli S. 2021 Whirligig beetles as corralled active Brownian particles. J. R. Soc. Interface 18: 20210114. [post-print: ]

Past Academic Projects and Awards

Machine Learning in Julia, MSc Group Project, supervisors: Dr. Sebastian Vollmer, University of Warwick/ Alan Turing Institute, Mike Innes, Julia Computing.

A review of the Julia machine learning ecosystem (in 2018) with the development of machine learning packages leading to a proof-of-concept of the MLJ.jl machine learning framework. Report.


MIPS in Insects, MSc Individual Project, supervisors: Professor Matthew Turner, University of Warwick, Dr Shashi Thutupalli, NCBS Bangalore.

We study "Whirligig" beetles in motion on the surface of water, via laboratory data provided by Dr Shashi Thutupalli (NCBS, India).

The data was processed using a minimum-cost flow network formulation to reconstruct (improved) individual trajectories for each beetle (see below). Then we invesitgate the motility of the beetles in relation to the number density of observed, for which we recover a sharp transition of high motility and low density to low motility and high density, as well as results on beetle "separations". We aim to follow on from this work by modelling the system, investigating the behavioural strategies of the beetles using Inverse Reinforcement Learning, and conducting new experiments.

Older Projects and Awards

Machine Learning (CS342) Report, Kaggle 2018 Data Science Bowl on cell segmentation

Consensus In Complex Networks (Essay, MA5Q3), Practical implementation at my Github.

"Information Theory and Statistical Mechanics", BSc mini-project, supervisor: Professor John Gough, Aberystwyth University.

Colin Easthope Award - Outstanding performance 2016-2017

IMA Award - Highest mathematics graduate attainment 2016-2017

Mike Jones Memorial Prize - Highest mathematics undergraduate attainment 2015-2016

Below is an implementation of the cellular automaton discrete time model Conway's game of life , that I wrote in javascript. Click (some mobile platforms do not work) on the grid to kill/resurrect cells and start to begin.

University of Warwick

MSc Mathematics of Systems Distinction

Aberystwyth University

BSc Mathematics and Physics 1st class

Academic Interests

Machine Learning, Collective Phenomena

Other Interests

Programming, guitar, cycling, hiking


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Orcid: 0000-0001-9449-7350

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