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Samuel Forbes

I am a first year PhD student interested in applying data analysis and mathematical modelling towards discovering and explaining relationships in macroeconomics. My supervisors are Dr Stefan Grosskinsky and Dr Alexander Karalis Isaac.

Email:, Office: B1.29


2017-2018: MSc in Mathematics for Real World Systems, University of Warwick

My MSc project focused on the inverse relationship between the mostly neglected 'velocity of money' and the increase in wealth inequality seen since the 1980s. The hypothesis was that increased wealth inequality lead to an increase in the proportion of money kept by wealthier people that did not contribute to GDP thus lowering the frequency of GDP related transactions as measured by velocity.

2014-2015: MSc in Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Logic, University of Manchester

Completed my dissertation in the area of tropical mathematics. The name tropical is in honour of the Brazilian Imre Simon who was one of the founders of the field. The dissertation focused on relating results in linear algebra and convexity to tropical semimodules.

2010-2014: BSc Mathematics, University of York

Previous Experience:

2016-2017: Mathematics teaching experience in schools in Coventry and Birmingham.

2013: 2 month internship at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in Sheffield involving a project in deep hole drilling and boring.

Non-Academic Interests:

I enjoy playing many different sports. I played on badminton and basketball teams in school and university.