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Moh Huda

I am currently a PhD student (funded scheme in 5000 Doctoral Programme Scholarship supported by Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia-A very competitive scholarship among lecturers in Indonesia) at the Mathematics for Real-World Systems CDT. I am interested in dynamical systems, modelling, mathematics education, and applied mathematics, especially in health. Also, my research area includes computational biology and statistical modelling with application in molecular cell biology. Moreover, I am passionate about teaching mathematics and find it challenging and enjoyable.

I am currently working on statistical integrations of scRNA-seq and spatial transcriptomic data. We develop a statistical model and a computational method to analyse this integration. The goal is to obtain cell types in the tissue sample and predict the cells' location to see the spatial patterns of those cells. We are interested in a cancerous tissue sample for our dataset analysis, such as Glioblastoma.

Academic Background

State University of Malang, Indonesia: BA Mathematics Education (Cum laude, 2007-2010-Funded: Improving Academic Scholarship from Indonesian Government)

University of Brawijaya, Indonesia: MSc (Summa cum laude, 2011-2013-Funded: Excellent Scholarship from Ministry of Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia)

Islamic Boarding School "Miftahul Huda of Malang": (Non-degree education, 2008-2013)

Working Experience

June 2011-Nov 2013: Mathematics teacher at Junior High School of Laboratory of Malang, Indonesia

Dec 2013-August 2014: Mathematics lecturer at the University of Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia

Sept 2014-July 2016: Mathematics lecturer at the Islamic State Institution of Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia

Sept 2016-July 2018: Mathematics lecturer at the Islamic University of Raden Rahmat, Malang, Indonesia

Term 2 2018-2019: Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Number Theory (Marking only)

Term I, II 2019-2020: Teaching Assistant for CS130, CS131

2019-2022: Invigilator of Mathematics Department

Term 1 2020-2021: Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant for CS130

Term 2 2020-2021: Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant for CS131

2020-2021: Student Blogger-Maths PG

1 Oct 2021-1 Oct 2022: Support work for Student Wellbeing Service

Term 1 2021-2022: Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant for CS130

Term II 2021-2022: Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant for CS131

Summer 2022: Marking for modules MA137, MA113, and MA254

Publication and Books

Article: Dynamical Analysis on A Modified Leslie-Gower Predator-Prey Model on FJAM Journal (

Article: Solution to Boundary Value Problems of Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations using Shooting Neural Networks Algorithms (

Books (no publications, for internal university circulations): Teori Bilangan (Number Theory), Logika Matematika (Logic of Mathematics), Analisis Variable Kompleks I (Complex Analysis I).


Hobbies: Playing Badminton, Photography, and I like being a volunteer. I have been volunteering in Warwick Islamic Society (ISOC) events, such as iftar and Taraweeh (in Ramadhan) and Jumuah praying organiser (since Desember 2020 until now). I was an Indonesian team assistant for IMO 2019 at the University of Bath


  • Warwick Badminton Club Exec 2020-2021: The Warwick Active Coordinator
  • Warwick Badminton Club Postgraduate Representative 2021-2022
  • PPIW: Warwick Indonesian Student Society Exec: Internal Division for Sports

Motto: Be a better person every day, be a helpful person every day!

Language: Indonesia, Java, English, and a little bit of Arabic, Beginner in Mandarin


Contact Details:

Office: D1.02, Complexity Science, CDT, Zeeman Building.

Instagram, Facebook