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Moh Huda

I am currently a PhD student (funded scheme in 5000 Doctoral Programme Scholarship supported by Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia-A very competitive scholarship among lecturers in Indonesia) at the Mathematics for Real-World Systems CDT. I am interested in dynamical systems, modelling, mathematics education, and applied mathematics, especially in health. Also, my research area includes computational biology and statistical modelling with application in molecular cell biology. Moreover, I am passionate about teaching mathematics and find it challenging and enjoyable.

I am currently working on statistical integrations of scRNA-seq and spatial transcriptomic data. We develop a statistical model and a computational method to analyse this integration. The goal is to obtain cell types in the tissue sample. We are interested in a cancerous tissue sample for our dataset analysis.

Academic Background

State University of Malang, Indonesia: BA Mathematics Education (Cum laude, 2007-2010-Funded: Improving Academic Scholarship from Indonesian Government)

University of Brawijaya, Indonesia: MSc (Summa cum laude, 2011-2013-Funded: Excellent Scholarship from Ministry of Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia)

Islamic Boarding School "Miftahul Huda of Malang": (Non-degree education, 2008-2013)

Working Experience

June 2011-Nov 2013: Mathematics teacher at Junior High School of Laboratory of Malang, Indonesia

Dec 2013-August 2014: Mathematics lecturer at the University of Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia

Sept 2014-July 2016: Mathematics lecturer at the Islamic State Institution of Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia

Sept 2016-July 2018: Mathematics lecturer at the Islamic University of Raden Rahmat, Malang, Indonesia

Term 2 2018-2019: Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Number Theory (Marking only)

Term I, II 2019-2020: Teaching Assistant for CS130, CS131

2019-2020: Invigilator Mathematics Department

Term 1 2020-2021: Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant for CS130

Term 2 2020-2021: Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant for CS131

2020-2021: Student Blogger-Maths PG

Publication and Books

Article: Dynamical Analysis on A Modified Leslie-Gower Predator Prey Model on FJAM Journal (

Article: Solution to Boundary Value Problems of Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations using Shooting Neural Networks Algorithms (

Books (no publications, for internal university circulations): Teori Bilangan (Number Theory), Logika Matematika (Logic of Mathematics), Analisis Variable Kompleks I (Complex Analysis I).


Hobbies: Playing Badminton, Photography, Reading Comics (Detective Conan, Hunter x Hunter), Reading Novel (JK Rowling, Habiburrahman El Sirazy, Andrea Hirata, Tere Liye). I like being a volunteer. I have been volunteering in Warwick Islamic Society (ISOC) events, such as iftar and Taraweeh (in Ramadhan) and Jumuah praying organiser (since Desember 2020 until now).


  • Warwick Badminton Club Exec 2020-2021: The Warwick Active Coordinator
  • PPIW: Warwick Indonesian Student Society Exec: Internal Division for Sports

Motto: Be a better person every day, be a helpful person every day!

Language: Indonesia, Java, English, and a little bit of Arabic.


Contact Details:

Office: D2.14, Complexity Science, CDT, Zeeman Building.

Instagram, Facebook