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Connah Johnson

Connah graduated in 2022 with a PhD in Mathematics of Real-World Systems. Connah was supervised by Orkun Soyer.

Connah's research interests include spatio-temporal processes that may lead to the emergence of complex biological systems. Attached to the Soyer Group in the School of Life Sciences, Connah's research group are interested in coupling agent-based cell population models to chemically active diffusing baths. These hybrid continuous-discrete models form the basis of their software suite ChemChaste. They apply these models to simulate the dynamics of multi-species biofilms.


  • Johnson, C. et al. (2021) "An Evolutionary Systems Biology View on Metabolic System Structure and Dynamics". In: Crombach A. (eds) "Evolutionary Ssytems Biology". Springer, Cham.
  • Johnson, C. et al. (2021) "ChemChaste: Simulating spatially inhomogenous biochemical reaction-diffusion systems for modelling cell-environment feedbacks", In Prep.
  • Grove, C. Johnson, C. Hesketh, K. (2016) "Nuclear Materials Attribution for Reprocessed Uranium", Journal of Nuclear Materials Management


  • Society of Mathematical Biology (SMB) Annual Conference (2020-present): Poster presenter on our work developing the ChemChaste package. Won the DILISym poster Prize (2021)
  • British Applied Mathematics Colloquium (BAMC) (2021): Poster presentation, won a poster prize at the joint BMC-BAMC virtual meeting (2021)
  • MathODS Online conference June 2020: Co-organised as part of a multi-university committee of PhD students with the aim to provide UK graduate students an opportunity to present their work and network, in response to the beginning of the Covid lockdown.
  • Awarded a Fellowship to COMPSYSBIO 2019 Winter school Advanced lecture course on computational systems biology held at the Centre Paul-Langevin, Aussois, France.


  • Sessional Tutor (Lead Computer Lab Demonstrator) LF305 Dynamics of Biological Systems (2018,2019): Duties include leading computer labs with the aim of teaching students how to code using Matlab in a third year course in the School of Life Sciences. These classes supplement the lecture course. In addition to leading a subset of lab classes and developing the necessary materials, the leaders of other classes are supported and sit-in exams are co-written and marked alongside the course conveyor.
  • Associate Tutor (Teaching assistant) MA390 Topics in Mathematical Biology (2018): Duties include running support classes for the third year course in the Mathematics department. Supplement the students understanding through working through problem sets and providing additional explanations to lecture materials to reinforce learning.
  • Assistant Tutor (Supervisor) (2018,2019): Duties include marking the assignment of 3 groups of 5 first year Maths and Physics students (2018) and MORSE students (2019). We meet weekly to discuss the assignment work and facilitate the students' understanding of lecture material and support their transition to university and studying university level mathematics.

Other Activities

  • Maths Busking (outreach): After participating in a half day workshop I performed some maths busking (performing quick mathematical "tricks" and puzzles to engage with the public) at the family fun day at Warwick as part of the National Science festival (2019)
  • President Warwick SIAM-IMA Student Chapter (2019-2021) Chaired committee meetings, co-organised the (SPAAM) seminar series for postgraduate Mathematics students at Warwick. Liaised with other UK based student chapters. Produced the annual funding report for SIAM
  • Chaired the Student Staff Liason Committee (SSLC) for the 2017 - 2018 academic year. Set the meeting agenda, chaired the meetings, liased with the Students Union, and produced and edited the Annual report for the Complexity/MathSys SSLC.
  • Member of the MathSys Annual 2018 retreat committee. Assisted with the oranisation of the annual retreat to Hawkshead in the lake district in early May 2018.

Research Projects

  • "Simulating the evolution of realistic redox chemical reaction networks through thermodynamically driven chemical expansion", PhD Project 2018 - 2022, Supervisors: Prof. Orkun Soyer (School of Life Sciences), Dr. Marco Polin (Department of Physics), University of Warwick
  • "On the evolution of redox reaction systems and the compartmentalisation of chemical reaction networks under prebiotic conditions", MathSys MSc Project 2018, Supervisor: Prof. Orkun Soyer (School of Life Sciences), University of Warwick
  • "Digital Pathology and Computer-aided Diagnostics: a Feasibility Study with Applications to Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma", MathSys Research Study Group Project 2018, Supervisor: Prof. Nasir Rajpoot (Tissue Analytics Lab, Department of Computer Science), University of Warwick
  • "Analysis of active haemocyte migration through live Drosophila Melanogaster embryo tissues using selective plane illumination microscopy", MPhys Project 2017, Supervisor: Dr Thomas Waigh (Biological Physics Group, School of Physics and Astronomy), Dr Thomas Millard (Developmental Biology & Medicine), University of Manchester
  • "Developing new software for neutron reflection Experiments", MPhys Project 2016, Supervisor: Professor Jian Lu (Biological Physics Group, School of Physics and Astronomy), Univerisity of Manchester
  • "PEBBLES: Part of Environment Bioinspired Blocks for Large Scale Effective Sensing", YCCSA Summer School Project 2016, Supervisor: Dr Martin Trefzer(Department of Electronic Engineering), Dr Bryce Stewart (Environment and Geography), University of York


Twitter: @JohnsonConnah


MSc Mathematics of Systems (Distinction): University of Warwick 2017-2018

Focused on stochastic dynamics and dynamics on a network, coupled with studies of advanced data mining techniques.

MPhys Physics with Theoretical Physics (1st Class): University of Manchester 2013-2017

Focused on Statistical Thermodynamics and Biological Physics.