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Michael Luya

I am currently a PhD student within the MathSys Centre. My research involves machine learning and optimisation, although I have a very broad passion for applied mathematics in general! I also tend to work quite a bit in computational biology and network theory.

Academic Experience

2012 - 2016: MMath in Mathematics from the University of Exeter (1st)

I obtained a degree in mathematics that was very broad in its content ranging from Algebraic Geometry to Magnetohydrodynamics to Quantum Photonics. During this time I also mentored undergraduate and A-level students in mathematics.

My dissertation Dynamics of Non-Spherical Particles, supervised by Dr.Jan Sieber was a self-proposed project that studied the dynamics of non-spherical particles in billiards of different shapes with the aid of MATLAB software. Lagrangian mechanics was first employed in order to derive the neccessary equations of motion and Runge-Kutta techniques were also employed in order for energy to be roughly conserved in the models themselves. There was also an attempt to use measure theory and Lyapunov exponents to find a measure for the ergodicities of the different systems.

2016 - 2017: MASt Applied Mathematcis and Theoretical Physics from the University of Cambridge (Pass)

During this year I took courses in General Relativity, Quantum Field Theory, Symmetries Fields and Particles, String Theory and Black Holes and was a collegiate member of Hughes Hall.

I also wrote an essay which reviewed several papers proving the third law of black hole mechanics, by considering 3+1 foliation of space-time manifolds as well as their ADM masses for different black hole spacetimes. There was also a brief discussion on how this law might be related to the third law of thermodynamics, visualing spontaneous emission of virtual photons on the black hole's horizon as a systematic equivalent to heat loss. Needless to say, this was a very interesing topic!

2017 - 2018: MSc in Mathematics for Real-World Systems


I am heavily involved in the a cappella community. I myself am an alumni of the a cappella group Semi-Toned who have appeared on television over the last couple of years, and have also toured in many different locations including the States! With that being said, I am involving myself with a cappella on a much smaller scale with the addition of some kareoke during the week. Also if anyone is planning on running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign any time soon please let me know!


- 2012 Eliahou Dangoor Scholarship - Awarded for being academically one of the top 50 STEM students to enter into an undergraduate degree.

- 2016 Winners of The Choir: Gareth's Best in Britain