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Annika Stechemesser

Academic Achievements   

  • Master in Mathematics of Systems, University of Warwick, Distinction

Topics studied included: Data Analysis, Networks and Random Processes, Dynamical Systems, Numerical Methods, Computational Biology, Complexity in the Social Sciences

Group project "Machine Learning in Julia" in cooperation with Julia Computing. Focus on benchmarking and improving the Julia machine learning echosystem. Implementation of Mondrian Forests in Julia.

Individual project "Improving Cell Type Identification of Single Cell Data by Iterative
Graph Based Noise Filtering" supervised by Sascha Ott (Department of Computer Science) and Lawrence Young (Warwick Medical School).

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, University Duisburg Essen, grade 1.5 (first)

Topics studied included: Analysis, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Numerical Mathematics, Optimisation, Stochastics, Economics

Chosen mathematical specialist field: Algebra, including (algebraic) Graph Theory, Cryptography, algebraic Number Theory

Bachelor Thesis: "Iwasawa Algebras" (written in German, basically focusing on defining the three \mathfrak{o}-Algebras and proving they are isomorphic)


September 2018: Single Cell Europe in Prague. Find my poster here!

June 2018: SIAM National Student Chapter Conference in Bath. Find my poster here (follows)!


Other activites

Teaching: TA for Linear Algebra at University Duisburg Essen (2016), TA for Combinatorial Optimisation at University of Warwick (2018), TA for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications at University of Warwick (2018), TA for Graph Theory at University of Warwick (2018), TA for Algorithms at University of Warwick (2018)

Extracurricular Activites:

  • Internship in the German Parliament with state secretary Kerstin Griese (September 2018)
  • former Member of the Senate of the "Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst" (former Elections officier, now Project officer)
  • alumni of the be.boosted leadership programme, participation at London International Model United Nations in februrary 2018 wit the be.boosted delegation as part of this programme, won a diplomcay award for representing the USA in UNESCO, debating "Protecting Against Marine Hazards"
  • voluntary work with Warwick Volunteers, engaged in the project "Fun with Numbers", the aim is to enthuse primary school students with mathematics

Personal Interests: Politics and Social Sciences, Climbing, Hiking, Running