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Charlie Pilgrim

PhD student at Warwick's Mathematics for Real-World Systems Centre for Doctoral Training.


"Organisational Social Influence on Directed Hierarchical Graphs, from Tyranny to Anarchy", Pilgrim, C., Guo, W. and Johnson, S. 2020. Nature Scientific Reports

"Fixing Bias in Zipf's Law Estimators Using Approximate Bayesian Computation", Pilgrim, C. & Hills, T. T. 2020. Arxiv pre-print;

Research Interests

I am interested in understanding how humans communicate with each other and how that affects our beliefs, behaviour and outcomes.

My research includes elements of agent-based modelling, information theory, Bayesian networks, social science, psychology, evolution and data science.

My main supervisor is Professor Thomas Hills. My secondary supervisor is Professor Weisi Guo.

Open Source Software Contributions

Contributed a to the open source networkx python package. I helped to write functionality to calculate the trophic incoherence parameter of a directed graph.

In collaboration with Paolo Turrini, developed and released a Google Colab Jupyter Notebook to teach Regret Matching and Minimisation algorithms.


  • MSc Mathematics of Real World Systems (Distinction) - The University of Warwick
  • MSc Sustainable Energy Futures (Merit) - Imperial College
  • BSc Physics (1st class) - The University of Manchester

Reading Groups

Member of the Machine Learning and Bayesian Optimisation Reading Group,

Co-organiser of the Mathematics in the Social Sciences Reading Group.


Presenter - Mathematics in the Social Sciences Reading Group. "Linguistic Complexity". October 2020

Presenter - Machine Learning and Bayesian Optimisation Reading Group. "The ABCs of Approximate Bayesian Computation". July 2020

Presenter - MathSys PhD Meeting. "Bias in MLEs for Zipf Distributions". June 2020.

Supporting Lecturer - CS404 Agent Based Systems. Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma Tournament. February 2020

Guest Lecturer - CS404 Agent Based Systems. Coursework Introduction Lecture. January 2020.

Presenter - Mathematics in the Social Sciences Reading Group. "Evolution and Communication". November 2019.

Speaker. ResearchFish Strategy of Impact Conference. "Understanding and Informing Research Funding Through Data". November 2019.

Presenter - MathSys MSc Project presentation "From Tyranny to Anarchy: Social Influence on Directed Graphs". October 2019.


CS404 Agent Based Systems. 2019 and 2020. Teaching Assistant. Led seminar groups and developed coursework software that allows students to submit bots to compete in auctions.

IB121-1 Quantitative Analysis for Management 1. 2019 and 2020. Teaching assistant. Led seminar groups.

IB121-2 Quantitative Analysis for Management 2. 2020. Teaching assistant. Led seminar groups.

MA112 Experimental Mathematics. 2019. Teaching assistant. Led students in experiments.

Private Tutoring. 2013-2015. Mainly A-Level Maths and Physics.

Non-Academic Career Highlights

  • Full stack web developer with extensive experience in Python and JavaScript.
  • Successful entrepeneur, having founded and ran a successful financial claims management business that employed over 20 people.
  • Travelled and lived all over the world as a digital nomad. Including periods living in Spain, Morocco, Greece, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Indonesia, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico.


Email me at Charlie dot Pilgrim at warwick dot ac dot uk


Here is a flocking simulation I made based on Reynolds' Boids model.

Charlie Pilgrim smiling