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Huaying Qiu


Huaying graduated with an MSc in Mathematics of Real-World Systems in 2019.

Sep.2014-Jun.2018 Zhengzhou University

  • Department: College of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Major: Statistics
  • Degree: Bachelor’s Degree of Science

Honors and Rewards

  • First-class Scholarship of Zhengzhou University (Top 4%)
  • National Third prize in Statistical Modeling Competition 2018.01
  • National Computer Rank Examination Grade 3 Network Technique

Previous projects

    1. The 5th National College Students' Statistical Modeling Competition 2018 : "Risk Study on Personal Credit Card Defaults".
    2. Bachelor Thesis 2018: "Survival Analysis of Patients with Glioblatoma Based Gene".

    3. Group Project -- Researchfish: "Understading and Informing Research Funding Through Data" . supervised by Colm Connaughton (Math & Complexity), Vera Hazelwood (Reasearchfish)

    Current projects

    1. MSc project aligned with the Data Science for Social Good summer programme "graph embedding". Supervised by Sebastian Vollmer (Maths/Stats and ATI), Marya Bazzi (Turing Research Fellow)