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Huaying Qiu


Sep.2014-Jun.2018 Zhengzhou University

  • Department: College of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Major: Statistics
  • Degree: Bachelor’s Degree of Science

Sep.2018- University of Warwick

  • Department: Mathematics Department
  • Major: Mathematics for real world system CDT

Honors and Rewards

  • First-class Scholarship of Zhengzhou University (Top 4%)
  • National Third prize in Statistical Modeling Competition 2018.01
  • National Computer Rank Examination Grade 3 Network Technique

Previous projects

    1. The 5th National College Students' Statistical Modeling Competition 2018 : "Risk Study on Personal Credit Card Defaults".
    2. Bachelor Thesis 2018: "Survival Analysis of Patients with Glioblatoma Based Gene".

    3. Group Project -- Researchfish: "Understading and Informing Research Funding Through Data" . supervised by Colm Connaughton (Math & Complexity), Vera Hazelwood (Reasearchfish)

    Current projects

    1. MSc project aligned with the Data Science for Social Good summer programme that Warwick is running in collaboration with the Alan Turing Institute over the summer : "graph embedding". Supervised by Sebastian Vollmer (Maths/Stats and ATI), Marya Bazzi (Turing Research Fellow)


    Contact Details:

    Tel: 7421 884370

    Office: D1.04

    Complexity Science,
    Zeeman Building,
    University of Warwick,
    CV4 7AL