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Stanislav Zhydkov

PhD student at MathSysLink opens in a new window supervised by Paolo TurriniLink opens in a new window.

Research interests

My main interests lie in modelling and analysing the behaviour of agents in complex systems and designing such systems for their interaction. My research is tangential to the following topics:

- Mechanism design: the use of game theory to design multi-agent systems that elicit desired behaviour, e.g., truthfulness or social optimality.

- Agent-based models: modelling complex systems from the perspective of individual agents that are governed by rules; analysing the emergent behaviour.

- Computational Social Choice: looking at the problem of social choice (i.e., aggregation of agents' preferences) from the algorithmic perspective.


Mattei, N., Turrini, P. and Zhydkov, S., PeerNomination: Relaxing Exactness for Increased Accuracy in Peer Selection.Link opens in a new window

[preprint] Lev, O., Mattei, N., Turrini, P. and Zhydkov, S., 2021. Peer Selection with Noisy Assessments. arXiv preprint arXiv:2107.10121



CS404 Agent-Based Systems

IB149 Introduction to Statistics


CS356 Approximation and Randomized Algorithms

CS404 Agent-Based Systems

IB94X0 Business Statistics

Mathematics Institute Supervisor (2nd year undergraduate tutor)


2019-current: PhD in Mathematics of Systems

2018-2019: MSc in Mathematics of Systems

2014-2018: BSc in Mathematics and Philosophy with Specialism in Logic and Foundations, University of Warwick.
Focus on logic and theoretical computer science in addition to a wide variety of modules from Maths, Stats and CS.
URSS project on Mean-Payoff Games and Tropical Algebra, supervised by Marcin Jurdzinski.
BSc Dissertation on Rabin's Theorem linking Nondeterminstic Automata and the logic S2S, supervised by Marcin Jurdzinski and Walter Dean.



s.zhydkov [at]


Zeeman Building,
University of Warwick,