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2019 Intake

8Student PhD topic Supervised by


Jacques Bara

Emergence of Cooperation and Mesoscale Structures in Dynamic Networks
Dr Paolo Turrini (Computer Science)

basini.jpgFrancesca Basini

New approaches to developmental biology: landscapes, information and genetic network design
Professor David Rand and Dr James Briscoe (Crick Institute)

catchpole.jpgDaniel Catchpole

Using graph convolutional networks and multimodal machine learning for healthcare purposes
Dr Victor Sanchez (Computer Science) and Dr Tanaya Guha (formerly of Warwick)

coleman.jpgAbigail Coleman

Modelling the spread of disease in honey bees, and predicting the efficacy of control methods
Professor Matt Keeling (Maths/Life Sciences)

helekal.jpgDavid Helekal

Genomic epidemiology of infectious disease outbreaks
Professor Xavier Didelot and Professor Matt Keeling (Maths/Life Sciences)

iacovidou.jpgMelissa Iacovidou

New approaches to modelling malaria transmission and insecticide resistance: using realistic mosquito biology and behaviour, and network methods
Dr Kat Rock (Maths) and Dr Erin Gorsich (Life Sciences)

mackendrick.jpgJimmy McKendrick

Modelling Lassa fever in Nigeria
Professor Mike Tildesley (Maths/Life Sciences) and Dr Warren Tennant (Maths)

ni.jpgHaoran Ni

Numerical Estimations of Information Measures
Dr Martin Lotz (Maths)

pentland.jpgKamran Pentland

Probabilistic time-parallel numerical integration algorithms with applications to magnetic fusion plasma
Dr Massimiliano Tamborrino (Statistics)

price.jpgJames Price

Dynamics and Collaboration in Decision Making
Professor Colm Connaughton (Maths/Complexity Science)

shkeir.jpgNayef Shkeir

Rare-events in turbulent fluid flow
Dr Tobias Grafke (Maths)

smith.jpgAdam Smith

Linking Cortical Spreading Depression with Migraine
Professor Yulia Timofeeva and Professor Kirill Polynski (UCL)

thomas.jpgJake Thomas

Reformulating Reinforcement Learning
Professor Theo Damoulas (Statistics) and Dr Jeremie Houssineau (Statistics)

usha lal.jpgSwetha Usha Lal

The dynamics of sensitivity vs resistance to antibiotics in bacterial pathogens
Professor Xavier Didelot and Professor Matt Keeling (Maths/Life Sciences)

zhang.jpgYiping Zhang

Within-host Modelling of Immunisation
Professor Nigel Burroughs (Maths) and Professor Matt Keeling (Maths/Life Sciences)

zhou,jpgYijie Zhou

Trophic analysis in financial networks
Professor Robert MacKay (Maths) and Dr Bazil Sansom (Maths)