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Curriculum Vitae


2020 - Ongoing

PhD in Mathematics of Systems | University of Warwick
Working Thesis title: "Trajectory Inference approaches for multimodal SDEs with applications in developmental biology".
Supervisors: Dr. Ritabrata Dutta and Prof. Marie-Therese Wolfram.

2019 - 2020

MSc in Mathematics of Systems | University of Warwick - with Distinction
Individual Project: "New model approaches to developmental biology in mouse embryos."
Supervisors: Prof. David Rand and Dr. Meritxell Sáez.

2017 - 2019

MSc in Statistical Sciences | University of Bologna, IT - 110/110 cum Laude

Master Thesis: "A stochastic block-model for football network data."
Supervisors: Prof. Nial Friel (UCD) and Prof. Cinzia Viroli (Uof Bologna).

    • Thesis abroad at University College Dublin, IR (2019).

2017 - 2019

Collegio Superiore | School of Advanced Studies of University of Bologna
Full-ride scholarship offering advanced and interdisciplinary education.

2014 - 2017
(2016- 2017)

BSc in Statistics | University of Bologna, IT - 110/110 cum Laude - double degree
BSc with Honours in Statistics | University of Glasgow, UK - First Class Honours

Bachelor Thesis: "Protein fluorescence: modelling and regression."
Supervisors: Prof. Vladislav Vyshemyrsky (Uof Glasgow) and Prof. Angela Montanari (Uof Bologna).

Related Awards
  • Best Performer Award of the Master’s of Statistical Sciences, University of Bologna. (July 2019)
  • Award from Collegio Superiore Alumni Association for Research (May 2019)
  • Scholarship for Thesis abroad, University of Bologna. (a.y 2018/19)
  • Scholarship for Excellent Students, University of Bologna. (a.y 2015/16, a.y 2016/17, a.y 2017/18)

Work Experience

  • Research Assistant | Biostatistics division - IRST | Meldola, IT - (Jul-Sep 2018)
    Collaborated with IRST, cancer research institute, developing a research study on the efficacy of new treatments in basket phase III clinical trials.
  • Course Degree Coordinator | University of Bologna, IT - (2017/18)
    Coordinator with mentoring and tutoring duties for the Bachelor’s Degree in Statistical Sciences.
  • Statistics Consultant | Cattaneo Research Institute | Bologna, IT - (Feb - Apr 2018)
    Collaboration for the Italian national elections and local elections: data collection, analysis and predictions.
  • Academic Tutor | University of Bologna IT - (Apr - May 2018)
    Tutor for the orientation plan “STEM Degrees” (statistics area).
    Delivered lectures and practicals to high school students.