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Callum Ilkiw

Hello there,

My name is Callum Ilkiw (Pronounced ill-Q) and I am a member of the 2020 MathSys intake. I have travelled to Warwick from Keele University with the hopes of taking my pure mathematics knowledge and transforming it into something more applicable to real-world situations. I have always been a fan of puzzles and simply see applied mathematics as my latest puzzle to crack. I am always interested in odd projects, especially those involved in sharing mathematics with the wider world. So feel free to contact me with anything that may be too ridiculous or trivial for others to partake in.

Areas of Expertise/Experience

This section should be prefaced with the fact that, for the past 4 years, I have been educated in pure mathematics. Therefore, any knowledge I have in these topics will, in general, be aimed towards the theory around the topic rather than real-world applications.

  • Combinatorial Game Theory
    • Master's Project 2020 "A Concise and Welcoming Introduction to Combinatorial Game Theory". This project gathered all the main ideas of the field, presented them in a welcoming structure and presented the reader with some specific (and new) examples of these methods at work. Additionally, the paper finishes by presenting the reader with the most important unsolved problems in the field.
    • Largely inspired by the works of John H. Conway.
    • Supervised by Dr David Bedford
  • Hydrodynamic Stability Theory
    • Knowledge of: Propagation properties of unstable waves in sheer layers, theorem proofs for inviscid flows and piece-wise linear models.
  • Linear Algebra
  • Combinatorial designs
  • Field, Group, Graph and Galois Theory
  • Number Theory and Cryptography
  • Population Dynamics
  • Maths education and communication

Areas of Interest

  • Applied Game Theory
    • Social and biological models
  • Population Dynamics
    • Epidemiology and Ecology
  • Maths education and communication
    • Improving mathematical education and finding ways of communicating maths to the general public.
  • Hydrodynamic Stability Theory

Other Notes

  • Current Roles/Projects
    • Chair of MathSys SSLC
    • Associate Member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
  • Experience in public speaking
    • Years of drama and debating experience
  • Leadership Experience
    • Head of Keele Drama Society (2018/2019)
    • Committee member for Keele Dancesport Society (2017/2018)

Image of Callum Ilkiw

Mr Callum Ilkiw MMaths AMIMA (MSc Student)