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Alex Kaye


I'm currently in the MSc year at the MathSys CDT and I am interested in applying mathematics to systems in the biological and social sciences. Specific interests include epidemiology, game theory, and even fluid mechanics! I am interested in taking various approaches to model such systems, be that using stochastic methods or modeling with ordinary/partial differential equations.

Research Projects
MSc Project (2019/20) - Modeling Evolutionary Biology using Multiplayer Game Theory
  • I took a game-theoretic approach to model how species-specific traits give individuals an advantage when competing for resources.
  • The project generalised the well studied "Hawks and Doves" game to an arbitrary number of players, along with introducing some interesting new strategies.
  • Supervised by Dr. Louise Dyson.
URSS Summer Project (2019) - Controlling the Spread of Nipah Virus in Bangladesh
  • Nipah virus is a neglected tropical disease with the majority of cases occurring in Bangladesh and India. It is a zoonotic disease and the majority of infections occur from drinking date palm sap which has been contaminated with infected bat urine.
  • An SEIR model was used to describe the spread of the disease with vaccine classes added later. Parameter fitting was done using adaptive approximate Bayesian computation.
  • The final part of the project focused on estimating the effect vaccine efficacy and distribution would have on the size of outbreaks.
  • Supervised by Dr. Mike Tildesley and Dr. Louise Dyson. This project built on work previously done by Emma Southall in her MSc project.

MSc in Mathematics for Real-World Systems, University of Warwick (2020-Present) - Ongoing!

MMath in Mathematics, University of Warwick (2016-2020) - Graduated with First Class Honours


Office: D1.06 Zeeman Building