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Nathan van der Riet

I've been at Warwick since the start of my undergraduate in 2018 and am currently enjoying the latest chapter of my journey as part of the MathSys CDT. I graduated with a First Class classification for my MMath with Honours in 2022 having taken a particular interest in the applied side of mathematics.

Currently I study sorting, topology and structural control in cells, with a particular interest in modelling the Golgi Apparatus from a physical point of view. This little organelle is vital to cell function and a failure in its structure is linked to a number of diseases, from neurodegenerative diseases to cancer. It supports a huge flux of molecules, but has a remarkably stable structure with some very interesting topological properties. I am supervised by Matthew Turner in Warwick and Pierre Sens in Institut Curie.


  • Sorting, Topology and Structural Control in Cells (MSc Individual project, summer 2023)
  • Evolving Predator-Prey Dynamics in Agent-Based Models of Collective Motion (MSc Group project, spring 2023)
  • Macroscopic Pedestrian Dynamics: A Framework for Model Selection (MMath Dissertation, 2021-2022)
  • Drug Delivery Across the Skin, a Mathematical Perspective (URSS, 2021)


  • MSc Mathematics of Real-World Systems, University of Warwick (2022-Present)
  • MMath Mathematics (First Class), University of Warwick (2018-2022)