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Maths and Stats PG Events

  • Virtual Escape Room - Friday 18th June 11.00am

We are very excited to announce that the Library will be hosting another virtual escape room for Mathematics PhD and PGT students and Statistics PhD students!

 Safely inside the International Space Station, watching the world pass silently by, you are the definition of tranquillity...

Until you're not! The glowing blue Earth fades to black and you wake up in a daze, the ringing in your ears cutting through the quiet. You're trapped with only your own fear to accompany you. You must find a way to open the airlock and stop the intruder before they do something drastic. But how...?

'Out of This World' is a collaborative escape room experience for Maths/Stats PG students, brought to you by Study Happy.

Join us on Friday 18th June at 11:00am, using the following link:

Please get in touch if you have any questions. I hope you will join us there.

  • World of Woolcraft - Tuesdays at 1200 - join the Team here

    A weekly online craft and hobby group run by students in MathSys

  • Events offered by the University

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