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Theme 8 Projects

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How to utilise the potential of Hospital at Home to deliver more acute non-COVID and COVID care outside of hospital

Leads: Co-led by Prof. Dan Lasserson and Dr. Hong Chen, Theme 2

Dates: 01/04/2021 to 31/03/2022

Mon 13 Sep 2021, 12:03 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Daniel Lasserson Hong Chen

Emergency Point Of Care Testing and Treatment in Care Homes and at Home (EPICENTRE) - Development and Evaluation of a Novel Acute Medical Care Model

Leads: Prof Dan Lasserson, Dr Thomas Knight, Dr Sarbjit Clare (Acute Care Interfaces), Dr Denise Tanner (Social Care) and Dr Laura Quinn (Meths)

Dates: January 2020 - December 2022

Improving Quality of Anaemia Diagnosis (iQUAD) in Primary and Secondary Care

Leads: Prof Dan Lasserson (Acute Care Interfaces), Dr Nick Parsons (Meths)

Dates: January 2020 - December 2022

Optimal Acute Care Delivery Models for System Resilience for COVID-19

Lead: Prof Dan Lasserson (Acute Care Interfaces), Prof Russell Mannion (Meths), Prof Simon Conroy (ARC EM)

Dates: October 2019 - October 2021 (originally funded by NIHR Policy Research Programme for winter pressures, DHSC as the policy client, changed the focus to COVID-19 system resilience in April 2020).

The Implications of Acute Hospital Care at Home for Older People, Carers and Social Care Services

Lead: Mr Mark Tompkins (supervised by Dr Denise Tanner [Social Care], Prof Daniel Lasserson [Acute Care Interfaces])

Dates: November 2020 - November 2023