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Postgraduate Students

Please see below a list of core and supervisor-funded CLAHRC WM postgraduate students:



Type Of Higher Degree

Name Of Project



3 Nor Asyikin Abd Ghafar PhD Obesity and Pregnancy Outcomes: West Midlands Dr Wendy Robertson, Prof Gillian Hundt, Prof Siobhan Quenby, Prof Jason Gardosi.
3 Nicola Adderley MSc Prevalence and treatment of atrial fibrillation in the UK frpom 2000-­2015  
6 Ambrose Agweyu PhD Comparing antibiotic treatments in children with pneumonia in Kenya: a review, trial and modelling study Prof Richard Lilford
5 Malik Ahmad PhD Communities Of Practice (CoP) Improving The Training System For Foundation Trainee Doctors In The National Health Service (NHS): Implications For Learning And Knowledge Creation Prof Ruth McDonald
3 Lee Aiyegbusi PhD Patient Reported Outcomes in chronic kidney disease Prof Tom Marshall
6 Abdullah Alabdalli PhD Quality in inter-facility critical care transfer: adverse events and interventions in adult critical patients transferred by paramedic Prof Richard Lilford
4 Liz Alcock PhD A sociological investigation of work absence in the context of chronic back pain Carolyn Chew-Graham
4 Duncan Alexander PhD Joint working between the public and private sectors Prof Jon Glasby
5 N Farahin Ali PhD The Institutionalisation Of Accrual Accounting Reform: Exploratory Evidence In Malaysian Public Sector Prof Ruth McDonald
1, 3 Christopher Baggott MSc Do people with learning disability have higher rates of hospital admission than the general population? A retrospective cohort study in Birmingham  
4 Shula Baker PhD The role of social participation in determining mental and physical health in older people with pain Carolyn Chew-Graham
6 Kaitesi Batamuliza Mukara PhD Incidents and early detection of chronic ear disease in children aged 1-5 in Rwanda. Prof Richard Lilford
5 Haley Beer PhD The Influence Of Institutional Logics On Stakeholder Usage Of Performance Management Practices In The Social Enterprise Context: A Multiple Case Study Prof Eivor Oborn
3 Arjun Bhaduri PhD Incorporating health spillovers in economic evaluation Prof Kate Jolly
5 Ila Bharatan PhD In Transition: An Exploration Of Learning As Legitimate Peripheral Participation In A Community Of Practice Through The Analytical Lens Of Liminality. Prof Jacky Swan & Prof Eivor Oborn
5 Avri Bilovich PhD Beyond Introspection Prof Nick Chater
5 Simon Blake PhD Examining organisational failure and learning in healthcare: The barriers and how they are overcome to prevent recurrences Prof Graeme Currie
5 Juan Carpio PhD Sticky Designs: Insights To Diffuse Innovations Prof Nick Chater
4 Priyanka Chandratre PhD Health related quality of life in patients with gout Christian Mallen
3 Jennifer Cooper PhD Improving the FIT: An investigation into the use of risk factors to improve the performance and uptake of colorectal cancer screening Dr Sian Taylor-Philips, Dr Nick Parsons, Dr Chris Stinton, Dr Steve Smith
3 Rebecca Crosby PhD Inequalities in Breast Screening Uptake Dr Sian Taylor-Phillips; Dr Chris Stinton
4 Amanda Dell PhD Impact of specialist cancer pathways Prof Jon Glasby
1 Karin Diaconu PhD Medical device prioritisation in low and middle income countries Prof Richard Lilford and Dr Carole Cummins
1 Lavanya Diwakar PhD Care pathways for paediatric allergy Prof Tracy Roberts, Dr Carole Cummins and Prof Richard Lilford
3 Benhildah Dube PhD A prediction model for identification of HIV in primary care
Dr Tom Marshall
3 Martinsixtus Chidi Ezejimofor PhD Statistical techniques in disease and mortality prevalence mapping in Sub-Saharan Africa countries Dr Ngianga-bakwin Kandala
4 Sarah-Jane Fenton PhD Mental health services for young people in the UK and Australia Prof Jon Glasby
3 Sam Finnikin PhD Use of CVD risk scoring in GP treatment decisions Prof Tom Marshall
2 Charli Fontaine PhD Early detection of mental health problems,
particularly during the critical period of adolescence. Max Birchwood; Charlotte Connor
1 Caroline Fox MSc Part-time masters in Public Health - has not started research project yet  
4 Prabneet Gill PhD Multimorbidity: understanding the patient perspective in order to empower patients to effectively navigate the health and social care system Dr Sarah Damery, Dr Gill Combes
5 Sean Gill PhD Decision Making in Healthcare Prof. Ivo Vlaev (funded through HEFT)
3, 5 Amy Grove PhD Examining hip fracture intervention and absorptive capacity Prof Graeme Currie; Prof Aileen Clarke
5 Lisheng He PhD Context-Oriented Focusing Effects In Intertemporal Choices. Prof Nick Chater
3 Ryan Irwin PhD Understanding variation in the clinical quality of primary care Dr Tom Marshall
3 Feroz Jadhakhan PhD Pre diabetes and chronic kidney disease Dr Tom Marshall
5 Anni Jahn PhD Legitimacy Of Social Movement Action: The Case Of Interest Group Influence On EU Policy Making Prof Graeme Currie
1 Eleanor Jones PhD A study of the effects of length of hospital stay after birth and other relevant factors on infant
outcomes Prof Christine MacArthur, Dr Carol Cummins, Dr Rebecca Taylor
3 Helen Jones PhD Childhood obesity Dr Oyinlola Oyebode, Dr Lena Al-Khudairy and Dr G.J. Melendez-Torres
6 Hilda Kabambe PhD Positive experiences of health care of female sex workers in Malawi Prof Frances Griffiths, Dr Celia Taylor
6 Karin Diaconu PhD Health Technology Assessment and Prioritisation of medical devices in resource poor settings. Prof Richard Lilford; Dr Carole Cummins; Dr Semira Manaseki-Holland
5 Gary Kerrige PhD Reconceptualising Organisational Identity: A Critical Realist Case Study Of The Heritage Of Alliance Boots. Prof Graeme Currie
5 Philip Kiely PhD The role of the professional status of the medical profession in processes of organisational change Prof Jacky Swan & Prof Gerry McGivern
4 Tom Kingstone PhD Ageing well with chronic pain in rural environments Carolyn Chew-Graham
5 Marsha Kirichek PhD When Preference Selection Fails: Identifying Factors That Lead To Malleable And Indeterminate Choices. Prof Nick Chater
5 Dmitijs Kravchenko PhD Collective Memory and Forgetting Prof Jacky Swan &Prof Gerry McGivern
3 Matthew Krouwel PhD Gut-directed hypnotherapy for irritable bowel syndrome Prof Kate Jolly and Prof Sheila Greenfield
1 Satyam Kumar MD Qaulity of life and clinical outcomes following ovarian cancer surgery Dr Carole Cummins and Miss Sudha Sundar
3 Amanda Lambert PhD Using primary care data to predict the risk of poor health outcomes in people with serious mental illness
Prof Tom Marshall
4 Dinush Lankage MD Factors influential in patient choice of type of breast reconstruction: A qualitative study Dr Gill Combes
5 Agnieszka Latuszinska PhD Medically unexplained symptoms in the context of risk seen by the multiple professional groups involved Prof Graeme Currie
5 Ye (Sonya) Liu PhD Newcomer Socialisation: A Process Of Reoriening Sensemaking Temporality. Prof Gerry McGivern
2 Maria Livanou PhD Study of young offenders (16-20 years) with established or emerging mental health problems in transition within the criminal justice system Prof Swaran Singh
5 Katey Logan PhD Examination of the Boots healthcare provision Prof Graeme Currie
3 Susan Lowe MSc A longitudinal study of factors affecting weight status in Birmingham primary school children  
4 Rebecca Lowey PhD Exploring media constructions of 'arthritis': A mixed methods qualitative study Clare Jinks
4 Jennifer Lynch PhD Telecare and older people Prof Jon Glasby
3 Hendramoorthy Maheswaran PhD How cost-effective is home-based HIV self-testing in Blantyre, Malawi Prof Aileen Clarke
4 Teresa Melody MSc Part-time masters in Public Health - has not started research project yet  
3, 4 Elizabeth Miller MSc Why patients choose Emergency Department care over options, and where information about institutional reputation is sourced from  
5 Betsy Muriithi PhD Modelling The Healthcare Pathway for Individuals with Frailty Prof Leroy White & Nicola Burges (funded through HEFT)
3 Marie Murphy PhD Exploration of the Factors Associated with Childhood Obesity for ethnic groups in Coventry’ Dr Wendy Robertson; Dr Becky Johnson; Dr Felicity Boardman; Berni Lee
6 Jacinta Mwikali Nzinga PhD Improving delivery of hospital care in Kenya – Understanding how health workers’ and contexts influence change.  
3 Chidozie Nduka PhD Cross-sectional examinations of antiretroviral therapy and cardiovascular risk factor profile of HIV-infected subjects in a low-resource setting Dr Ngianga-bakwin Kandala
4 Elaine O'Connell-Francishetto PhD Discharge management Dr Gill Comes, Dr Sarah Damery
6 Bernard Olisemeke PhD Impact of service delivery interventions on hospital radiology waiting times Alan Girling, Karla Hemming
5 Gareth Owen PhD Inter-Organisational Learning During Extreme Events Prof Eivor Oborn
5 John Richmond PhD Unlearning and Patient Safety Prof Graeme Currie
5 Martin Roeger PhD Strategic Process Optimization in Healthcare Services for Frailty Prof Leroy White & Nicola Burgess (funded through HEFT)
3 Ahmed Sarki PhD Application of disease mapping to a global public health issue in low and middle income countries Dr Ngianga-bakwin Kandala
5 Katie Saunders PhD Sense-making in communities of practice and interaction with professional cooperation: impact on evidence utilisation in NHS community mental health settings Prof Jacky Swan
3 Farah Seedat PhD Using international data to inform group B streptococcus screening policy in the UK Dr Ngianga-bakwin Kandala and Dr Sian Taylor-Philips
3 Raheela Shaikh PhD Stroke in the South Asian community (most likely topic) Dr Saverio Stranges and Dr Wendy Robertson
4 Robert Smith PhD Self-reported physical activity levels: measurement and assessment in community dwelling older adults with or at risk of osteoarthritis Emma Healey
5 Hana Sysalova PhD Responsibility Shift Prof Nick Chater
4 Valerie Tan Mphil Evaluation of the ENHANCE nurse-led long term condition review  
5 Tim Vandendiessche PhD Predictability in Simple Decisions Prof Nick Chater
1 Sara Webb PhD Birth after obstetric anal sphincter injury (BASIQ) Prof Christine MacArthur & Khalid Ismail
4 Vicky Welsh PhD Multisite pain and falls in older people Christian Mallen
6 Helen Williams PhD Intersectoral working for maternal health in low income countries  
3 Sian Williamson PhD Benign biopsy results in breast cancer screening Dr Sian Taylor-Phillips; Dr Rebecca Johnson, Harbinder Sandhu
4 Nick Wilmore Other Personalisation and social capital Prof Jon Glasby
5 Sarah Woolley PhD The work of executive teams in effecting quality and cost priorities in healthcare.

Prof Graeme Currie

1 Tolulope Olufunlayo PhD

Prof Christine MacArthur

1 Ayesha Mahmud PhD

Prof Christine MacArthur