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Peter Selby Lecture - Warwick Medical School

The research dividend: how academic research can improve clinical care net of the scientific findings of that research


Professor Peter Selby CBE DSc MD FRCP FRCR FACP(UK) FEACS FMedSci

Professor of Cancer Medicine and Associate Dean

President of the Association of Cancer Physicians and the European Cancer Concord

Prof Peter Selby will present a lecture on 'How academic research can improve clinical care net of the scientific findings of that research'.

Prof Selby will be introduced by Prof Richard Lilford, CLAHRC WM Director.

The presentation will review the mechanisms by which clinical cancer research can improve health outcomes and argue that this should be central to the development of healthcare policy. Recent series of major international studies have analysed large, often nationwide, datasets for cancer patient outcomes and participation in clinical research. They have evaluated and quantified the impact of new evidence generated by randomised controlled trials on cancer survival. They show a strong and probably causal relationship between the participation in clinical research in hospitals and the outcomes for patients with the disease under study in those hospitals. Also, institutions that are active in clinical trials appear to take up well evidenced innovations more rapidly than those which are not so engaged. Further work is necessary to confirm and examine the generalisability of these findings but we argue that all of these mechanisms are likely to lead to improved outcomes for patients as a consequence of the conduct of clinical research. The size of the benefit appears to be substantial and an active programme to promote clinical research across cancer care systems should be a part of National Cancer Plans and Cancer Control Strategies.


Tuesday 5th March
MTC lecture theatre
Medical Teaching Centre
Warwick Medical School

All staff, students and colleagues welcome.

Light refreshments will be provided.

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Peter Selby is a consultant physician and Professor of Cancer Medicine and Associate Dean in Leeds. Clinical interests cover a range of cancer treatments and sites, most recently urological and cancers of teenagers and young adults. His research programmes are both clinical and laboratory work in biomarker discovery and evaluation and a translational lab programme on novel viral-cDNA library vaccines for biological therapy (European Research Council Advanced Award). He is co-investigator on several clinical and psychosocial research studies.

He has held senior national leadership appointments for Cancer Research UK, the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Medical Research Council, National Institute for Health Research, Research Assessment Exercise 2008, Department of Health, Welsh Government Research and Development and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. Within the University of Leeds he has been a Director of various Institutes and Centres and Faculty Pro-Dean for Research. From 2000-2004 he developed the strategy for and subsequently became Director of the National Cancer Research Network and from 2004-2010 of the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network responsible for supporting all health related research with infrastructure across the English NHS. He is President of the Association of Cancer Physicians (2007-) and of the European Cancer Concord (2014-2017). He has published 555 publications, 20,660 citations and has a current lifetime h-index of 72.

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Light refreshments provided