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Health & Social Care
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Improving the health literacy of Lay Community Health Workers in Southern Africa

Prof Richard Lilford,
University of Warwick
Sizabuntu, South Africa; St Appolinnaris Hospital;
Underberg clinic

This research project ultimately aims to improve the health literacy of Lay Community Health Workers (LCHWs) in rural Southern Africa to enable women to make better choices about their own and their children’s health.

User fees for access to healthcare in Neno, Malawi

Dr Sam Watson,
University of Warwick

Cost sharing through user fees has been advocated as a way of ensuring the financial sustainability of public health services in low and middle income countries, however previous studies have provided evidence that user fees reduce access to healthcare. This study examines a natural experiment in which 4 out of 13 health centres in Neno District introduced user fees in July 2013, one of which removed user fees in July 2015.