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Warwick Evidence Aims 2012-2013

Our overall aim is to improve the health of the public, either directly by facilitating the introduction of cost-effective interventions, or indirectly by reducing expenditure by the NHS on interventions that are not cost-effective, so allowing scarce funds to be better spent.


Warwick Evidence also has a set of five high level aims that have been approved by the W.E. Advisory Group. These are in bold below.

In this document these aims are expanded into objectives along SMART lines (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timed).



1. Our first aim is to continue to produce high quality TAR products for NICE and others, in order to fulfil the requirements of the TAR contract

1.1 To deliver all projects by agreed deadlines

1.2 To respond promptly (with 3 working days) on all queries and requests for info from the HTA programme or NICE specifying agreed timings and deadlines for further analysis/info etc.

1.3 To deliver all projects within budget

1.4 For all projects a senior team member reads all the submitted material; agrees project plan; reads, critically appraises/comments and edits report and approves send.

1.5 To ensure that all project reports are clear – as easy to read as possible, and with transparent reasoning. The language should be suitable for the intended audiences, usually the NICE Appraisal Committee.


2. Our second aim is to firmly establish the reputation of WE in preparation for the next round of TAR contract tendering, expected in 2014.

2.1 NICE – comparable (or better) scores than the other 8 TAR teams

2.2 HTA Programme.

Indicators of peer regard:

Press coverageWebsite – number of hits or downloads from how many countries?Downloads of HTA monographsCitations of reports or of publications arising from TAR contract work annual work


3 Our third aim is to secure good quality academic publications


- REF submissable staff to have 4 publications at 3* or above in each qualifying REF period

- All research staff to have at least one publication a year


4 Following a period of initial rapid expansion and the delivery of our first 18 months’ products, a key aim in 2013 is to consolidate, including filling of all vacant posts, finishing documentation of standard operating procedures, reviewing skill mix and training needs, planning career developments for staff, and as a precaution, staff succession planning.

- all posts filled

- SOPs completed, with review dates for all

- all staff with CPD plans and, when appropriate, career aspirations identified

- succession plans in place for all staff

- £50,000 per year per PI additional grant income

- Staff retention and morale


5 While our first priority must be delivering on the TAR contract, a longer-term aim will be to use the base provided by that contract, as a foundation for other research projects and grants. The other research will usually build on the TAR work, and could include reviews, trials and methodological research.


The contents of this page are subject to change.