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Babies in Mind: Why the Parent’s Mind Matters

An online course provided by the University of Warwick via FutureLearn

This exciting course, aimed at those working with parents and infants during pregnancy or the first year of life, focuses on the way in which parents’ minds shape their babies mental health development.

The course examines the way in which this happens as a result of the parents mind shaping the woman’s behaviours in pregnancy and her interactions with the baby in the postnatal period.

Watch the introductory video to find out more

The final part of the course examines innovative and evidence-based methods of working to support women during pregnancy and the postnatal period.

This course will introduce participants to key concepts and recent research regarding the way in which the unborn and newborn baby is shaped by the behaviours of their key caregivers.

It will also provide participants with an understanding about how to work effectively with parents during the perinatal period in order to promote the wellbeing of the baby and in particular how to promote infant mental health.


This free online course is aimed at everyone who has an interest in promoting the wellbeing of their own baby, or the parents and babies they work with. You do not need any prior knowledge of infant or child development, just a desire to learn about parents and babies, and the way that early interaction shapes later development. The course is based on the latest research in the field and you will be introduced to key concepts relating to infant psychology and attachment.


Register online via FutureLearn

Course duration: Four weeks

Teaching methods: Videos and online discussion