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Honorary Associations with WMS - Proposer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Proposers

What do I have to do?

Your nominee will have made contact with you or vice versa and/or you may have received a request from your Divisional Support Officer.

You are asked to discuss and agree with your nominee what activities they are undertaking/planning to undertake in relation to their Honorary Association. This may be, for example, research collaboration, a contribution to teaching medical students or PGT students, co-supervision of PhD students, provision of specific research expertise or research materials, etc.

You will receive a copy of the nominee form that the applicant for an association has completed online, from your Divisional Support Officer.

On your Honorary Association Nomination form at;, you are asked to briefly explain these activities and what benefit may derive from them for WMS.

Please note, the nomination form is only available on the WMS intranet, however, the WMS nominee’s form is available externally.

You are asked to identify what may be expected as evidence of a useful Honorary Association, that could be evaluated when the association comes to an end and the Associate may be seeking renewal. For example, coauthored publications, positive student feedback, successful courses run, grant income received in collaboration, PhD completions, or whatever measurable indicator is most relevant.

You are asked to indicate the most suitable level of title based upon the acitivites discussed. Pleasae see Honorary Associations Criteria document for the list of available titles and their criteria.

Why can’t my applicant see the proposer form that I can see?

The proposer form is only available on the WMS intranet and so it is not accessible to external individuals. This helps to ensure that the WMS nomination form is only completed by internal personnel but there is no problem with you discussing the contents with your nominee.

What if I don’t know the person/their contribution?

If someone is new to the area, you may not already know them, but you may be in a position to discuss and evaluate their ideas which may be relevant to your own interests/courses. If you think you can support them as the ideas have promise, please do so. If you think someone else is more relevant within WMS, please facilitate an introduction.

What if I don’t want to nominate them?

If you do not think that the person’s contribution has sufficient merit, please explain your reasoning to them.

What if I think there are conflicts of interest for me/them?

Depending on the nature of the possible conflict, you are asked to flag this up with an appropriate person, such as the Head of Clinical Faculty, Human Resources, Head of MB ChB or Pro-Dean for Education.. A conflict of interest may not necessarily be a hindrance but it does need to be declared. The University’s Declaration of Conflict of Interest form (FP1) is the means by which any potential conflicts should be declared

Honorary Professors

If considering proposing someone as an Honorary Professor, you are advised first to request a CV and to request informal discussions with the Dean and/or Head of Clinical Faculty.

If you wish to nominate an Honorary Professor, then a different University-level process needs to be followed. The University's process for all Honorary Associations charnged in September 2017. WMS retains its own process for most honorary titles, but not for Honorary Professor or for visiting posts. The Honorary Professor application route is explained at: Note this page is only available internally so external applicants cannot access it. As proposer you will need to complete the documentation yourself, once the Dean has agreed in principle.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, please send them to Geraldine Hartshorne, Head of Clinical Faculty and we will provide you with an answer.