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Advancement of WMS HR Procedures

2016 - 2020:
  • May 2016, A three month pilot has begun to trial a new process, which enables notifications and prompts to be sent automatically once an online leaver's checklist has been created for staff leaving the University or transferring to another department. This aims to simplify and streamline the process for managing leavers through an online form, a WMS Leavers Checklist Record.
    • These are designed to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible for both the employee who is leaving and their line manager or administrative lead.
2013 - 2016:

  • WMS Work Experience Guidance and documentation pack, in addition to the University’s process, is to provide comprehensive support to pupils in obtaining a suitable placement at the Medical School and to ensure compliance with Health and Safety, Wellbeing and the different procedures that have to be followed for research and clinical work experience.
  • We promoted the expansion of numbers of dignity contacts across the department and University.
  • WMS Enhanced Maternity/Adoption/Extended Paternity Process. The aim is to provide comprehensive support to employees, prior to commencing their maternity / adoption leave / extended paternity leave; and when they return to work.
    • The Dean or their representative (Heads of Division, Divisional Managers or Senior Managers) will meet and conduct a review with employees 1 month prior to commencing their maternity/adoption leave or extended paternity leave and 3 months after they return to work.
  • A review of the Leavers process, ‘Leavers Checklist’ and ‘Exit Interview Form’ was undertaken and has resulted in the development of new checklists and an online exit questionnaire.