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Gender Research

Medical School

Associate Professor Celia Taylor has published a book chapter recently on shared management and the glass cliff effect in Medicine: “Judy McKimm, Ana Sergio Da Silva, Suzanne Edwards, Jennene Greenhill & Celia Taylor: Women and Leadership in Medicine and Medical Education: International Perspectives. In Gender, Careers and Inequalities in Medicine and Medical Education:International Perspectives. 2015; 69-98.


Dr. Charikleia Tzanakou (PAIS, Warwick) and Professor Alison Rodger (Chemistry, Warwick) are part of a 4 year Horizon 2020 Consortium Project PLOTINA (Promoting Gender Balance and Inclusion in Research, Innovation and Training) which is focused on gender equality and academic careers. PLOTINA is led by the University of Bologna while Dr. Tzanakou and Prof. Rodger are coordinating Work-Package 3 on Implementing GEPs: careermaking and cultural change.