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WMS Outreach and Work Experience


Work experience

We strongly encourage our staff to offer work experience to pupils interested in learning about the various aspects of medical research. Many of our staff are also doctors at local hospitals and are therefore also available for clinical work experience.

Different procedures have to be followed for research and clinical work experience. All clinical work experience will have to go through the NHS Trust,. Information about the relevant webpages for the hospitals we work can be found here.

The medical school follows the University's guidelines on work experience. Find out more on our Work Experience Flowchart.


"A magic wand has been waived and he’s grown up this week...Thank you so much for the help to get him into an environment he is so obviously, even after four days, recognising as part of where he wants to be. Not many work experience placements can boast that result."

Comments from a parent of 15-year-old student placement.


The Medical School strongly supports outreach programmes to engage with the wider community, particularly schools. This page provides some information for those planning to engage in existing activities or develop new activities. All activities are in line with the overall University programme of widening participation and outreach activities. There are a number of departments with related research interest and excellent outreach opportunities, for example Life Sciences, Chemistry, WMG, Engineering, Physics.

WMS outreach activities include:

  • Visiting schools to give talks and/or deliver interactive experiences
  • Providing opportunities for work experience, primarily for secondary school students.
  • Presenting at career and science fairs and festivals
  • Participating in ScienceGrrl activities (the local Coventry and Warwickshire chapter is managed by staff and students of the Medical School).
  • Participation in open days organised centrally.

There are a number of STEM ambassadors in the Medical School who actively work with STEMNET.

Contact for work experience and outreach activities

Meera Unnikrishnan
Assistant Professor, Microbiology and Infection

Email: M dot Unnikrishnan at warwick dot ac dot uk