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WMS International Activities

International Activities

The Medical School have given Athena SWAN talk at the University of Berlin, Germany and have discussed the scheme extensively with international visitors and contacts, including a Professor from Smith College, an all-female university in New Hampshire, USA and a programme manager of the Office of Minority Health Research Coordination of the National Institute of Health, USA.

The UoW has close links with Monash University (Monash Warwick Alliance), and WMS are in contact with their HoD of Biomedical Sciences and the University’s E&D officer, as Monash University will be submitting their first AS application next year (2017). WMS have agreed to share best practices, and will be organising an exchange between the two universities.

Individual staff and students in WMS regularly engage in outreach activities. For example:

Professor Phillip McTernan has extensively participated in activities around changes in metabolism in extreme conditions with polar explorer Mark Woods and huskies at an IGGY event (IGGY is a UoW-led organisation to provide an international forum for high school students to communicate science) and for the schools day at our own UoW Festival of the Imagination.