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WMS Events Calendar

Monday 06 May - Sunday 02 Jun 2019

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- New Approaches to Drug Discovery and Development: How to Move from Bench to Bedside Space 11, Scarman - University of Warwick
- BMS Seminar by Professor Andrew Carter, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, University of Cambridge GLT3, Warwick Medical School
- WMS/SLS Micro Seminar: Unusual antibiotic protection and capsule control mechanisms in Caulobacter crescentus, Professor Patrick Viollier, University of Geneva MBU, Medical School Building
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- WMS/SLS Micro Seminar: Klebsiella pneumoniae: a master tactician of immune evasion, Professor Jose Bengoechea, School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences, Queen's University MBU (A151), Medical School Building
- BMS Internal Seminar by Dr Chris Quince and Dr Meera Unnikrishnan GLT3, Warwick Medical School
- CEReN - Prof Fiona Jones of Rehabilitation Research at St Georges University of London and Kingston University Presenting A042
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- Wellcome Visit Warwick Medical School
- SLS/WMS Dev Biol and Stem Cell Seminar Series: Professor Enrique Amaya, Division of Cell Matrix Biology and Regenerative Medicine, University of Manchester GLT3, Warwick Medical School
MB ChB Open Day Warwick Medical School