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WMS/SLS Joint Micro Seminar: Polymicrobial biofilms in the oral cavity - a fine balance between health and disease, Dr Sarah Kuehne, Lecturer in Oral Microbiology, School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham

12pm - 1pm, Tue, 23 Jan '18
Location: MBU, A1.51, Warwick Medical School, Gibbet Hill campus

Biography: Dr Sarah Kuehne is a lecturer in Oral Microbiology and the lead of the Oral Microbiology Research Group at the University of Birmingham in the School of Dentistry. She studied Biotechnology at the Technical University of Berlin (Germany). After obtaining her Bsc, she moved to France to join the Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg for an MSc in Biotechnology. Sarah completed her PhD at the University of Nottingham, working on posttranscriptional regulation and small regulatory RNAs in the pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa. She then joined the Clostridia Research Group of Prof Nigel Minton, improving our understanding of the important pathogen Clostridium difficile.
In 2016 Sarah moved to the University of Birmingham and is now leading the oral microbiology research group. Her interests centre on the communication/interaction between bacteria, competition and cooperation and how these factors influence health and disease in the (human) host. Her particular interest lies in the discovery and characterisation of bacterial virulence factors. She specialises in anaerobic bacteria and their role in pathogenesis and health.

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