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QBP Image Competition

Forces in Biology Image Competition

In conjunction with the upcoming 6th Annual Quantitative Biomedicine Programme symposium we are holding an image competition around the theme of forces in biology. This could range from examples at the sub-cellular level up to the organism level and can be interpreted as creatively as you wish. 

We invite you to submit your best images to describe this theme. Submissions can be images/graphics/drawings/original data or a combination. Selected submissions will be published online and open to a public vote. The winning image will win a £50 amazon voucher, with two £25 amazon vouchers for two runners up. All shortlisted images will be displayed at the symposium and at a public venue, to be confirmed.

To enter please upload up to three high-resolution images (300 dpi), along with a title and short description for each image, using the form below.

Digital manipulation and colouring of images using software such as photoshop is permitted as long as the scientific authenticity of the image is not altered. You must own the copywrite of the image yourself in order to enter. Please read the full terms and conditions of entry and our privacy policy before submission.

Images should be submitted using the form below. You can upload up to three images but please label them with your surname and a number. Please upload an image title and description for the corresponding image in the correct section of the form.

Submissions close Sunday 26 January

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Any data submitted on this form will only be used in conjunction with this image competition. Please ensure you have read the full terms and conditions of submission and the privacy policy. Your data will be treated in line with the University of Warwicks privacy policy.
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