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Upcoming Events

Filipe FD

April 15th: Café Scientifique, Leamington Spa

Filipe Fernandes Duarte- - How to make a human: organisation of the information that makes us what we are

The same way houses are made out of bricks, all humans are made out of cells. And these basic units form the building blocks for all the organs and systems that compose us (digestive, circulatory etc.). However, unlike building a house, where the necessary information is introduced into the building process from the outside, through engineers and builders, cells hold all the necessary plans within them. Through communication between cells it is possible to form a complex multicellular organism that has different and complementary functioning parts. It is not surprising, therefore, that the complex enterprise of building a Human requires copious amounts of information. The way cells communicate, where to build each organ, which organs to build first; all this information must be stored within each and every single cell. To hold such volumes of information in a nuclear compartment of only a hand full of micrometers, and being able to retrieve it when necessary requires a level of organisation to rival those of the most extensive libraries in the world. I will be speaking about how instructions are organised, stored, and retrieved from the nuclei of cells in order to allow for the building of a human being.

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PSE Cell Service

May 1st: Public Science Evening

Bad Cell Service

Join us as the medical school for an evening of talks, tours, and posters based around the idea of communication within and around our cells.

The event will start at 6pm, so arrive at Warwick Medical School reception at 5:45 to be directed to where you need to be. There will be ab opportunity to sign up to tour parts of our facility when you arrive to get a glimpse behind the scenes.

Signing up to this even is essential as spaces are limited

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