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Upcoming Events


January 23rd: Public Engagement Brunch,10-12pm, GLT4

If you are a member of staff or PhD with an interest in public engagement and would like more information on whats available to you, then come along for coffee and croissants. There will be a brief introduction on what constitiutes pubilc engagement, how to make sure you're delivering good public engagement. Pus resources that are available to you (existing oppurtunities and funding) and a chance to talk to your PE coordinator.

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Dr Andrew McAinsh

November 19th: Café Scientifique, Leamington Spa

Prof. Andrew McAinsh - What the cell! How do your cells keep your chromosomes in order?

You and I are each built from several trillion cells and, remarkably, all these cells originate from one single cell – a fertilised egg. Each cell, including this first one, contains the entire blueprint for a human being. These instructions are encoded in your DNA and organised in packages called chromosomes. Life is only possible if we look after this DNA and ensure all cells contain the right amount. The wrong amount is associated with human diseases, including cancer. This evening we will explore the amazing nanoscale machines that make this possible, and how we may harness this knowledge to improve human health.

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