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Dr. Emma L. Godfrey

Dr. Emma Godfrey

PhD, Medical Sciences, University of Warwick, 11/2000-12/2009

“Investigating the signalling characteristics of G! subunits in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe”

M.Phil, Medical Sciences, University of Cambridge, 10/2002-10/2003

“Investigating the functions and interactions of the ER lumenal loop between transmembrane domains 7 and 8 of Sec61p”

BA Hons., Natural Sciences (Biochemistry), University of Cambridge, 10/1998-07/2002


  • Smith, B, Hill C, Godfrey EL, R and D, van den Berg H, Thornton S, Hodgkin M, Davey J, Ladds G. " Dual positive and negative regulation of GPCR signaling by GTP hydrolysis" Cell Signal. 2009 Jul;21(7):1151-60. Abstract
  • Sayrac, S., Vengrova, S., Godfrey E.L. and Dalgaard, J.Z. "Identification of a novel type of spacer element required for imprinting in fission yeast." PloS Genetics. 2011, 7(3):e1001329-e1001328. Abstract 

    Dalgaard, J. Z., Godfrey E. L. & McFarlane R. J. "Eukaryotic Replication Barriers: Where, How and Why." In Tech, 2011, In Press.