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Dr. Juergen Zech

Juergen Zech

Warwick Medical School, Gibbert Hill Campus, University of Warwick (2011-Date)

Research Fellow in the DNA Replication Group (Dr. J.Dalgaard): “Analysis ofmating type switching in S.pombe”.

MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London (2007-2011)

Career Development Fellow in the DNA Replication Group (Dr. C.Speck): “In vitro reconstitution of the kinase dependent recruitment of Sld3 to a licensed origin in S.pombe”.

Clinic of the Technical University Munich/Max Planck Institute for Ornithology (2006-2007)

Post Doc in the ComInGen Group (Prof Dr. J. Hagenauer, Dr. J. Müller): “Bioinformatics analysis of protein-DNA interactions and conserved sequences

Pharmaceutical Biology: J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt a.M. (2000-2005)

PhD thesis in the Acute Leukaemia/Chromosomal Translocations Group (Prof. Dr. Marschalek): “Examination of the genomic instability of the human MLL gene”.

Study of Chemistry: Julius Maximilians University Würzburg (1994-2000)

Diploma thesis (Biochemistry) in the DNA Replication Group (Prof. Dr. Grummt):Cloning of the murine MCM2 gene”.



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  • Zech J*, Scharf S*, Bursen A, Schraets D, Oliver PL, Kliem S, Pfitzner E, Gillert E, Dingermann T, Marschalek R.; (* contributed equally) "Transcription linked to recombination: a gene-internal promoter coincides with the recombination hot spot II of the human MLL gene." Oncogene, 2006 Sep 18; [Epub ahead of print]