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Funding Opportunities

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Partnership Fund

The partnership funds seek to support new and early stage collaborations and will offer awards of up to £5k per year for up to two years.

The deadline for application to the funds will be 5pm on Tuesday 12 June 2012.

Guidelines and application forms are on the International Office website.

International Partnership Fund 2012-13 (previously the Strategic Partnership Fund)

In response to feedback from colleagues and the University’s International Committee, this fund is being launched for 2012-13 as the ‘International Partnership Fund’, with revised criteria.

This fund is open to applications for collaborations with leading institutions in any country, but in 2012-13 priority will be given to the following areas:

  • Japan, South Korea, Singapore
  • USA, Canada, Mexico
  • Sub-Saharan Africa

Brazil Partnership Fund 2012-13

In 2012-13, a total of £30k funding will be available for collaborations with Brazil’s leading universities and research institutes.

China Partnership Fund 2012-13

In 2012-13, a total of £40k funding will be available for collaborations with mainland China’s leading universities and research institutes.


A number of funding opportunities are available for research students. Most funding opportunities and scholarship competitions take place between November and May for courses starting the following academic year.

IAS Award Schemes and Deadlines

Visiting Fellowships - 20 February 2012

The primary aim of this scheme is to promote visits by highly distinguished researchers (including policy makers, representatives of the arts, business, government and industry), artists and writers which will enrich the research landscape across the disciplines at Warwick and contribute to the University’s international reputation as a centre of research excellence and innovation.

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships - Spring 2012

This high profile programme is desgined to attract the best postdoctoral reseachers to Warwick. The Postdoctoral fellowships last two years and are the flagship scheme for IAS featuring cutting-edge research and promoting interdisciplinarity. Fellows are encouraged to run research workshops r conferences and apply for externally-funded fellowships.

Four fellows were appointed in the summer of 2011 and we are currently hoping to advertise further fellowships in the summer of 2012, perhaps in co-operation with overseas partners.

Early Career Fellowships - 9 January 2012, 18 June 2012 and 7 January 2013

This programme supports Warwick doctoral candidates in the transition phase as they move towards postdoctoral careers. Fellows are expected to write research publications, conference papers, job applications, and postdoctoral fellowship grant proposals -while engaging with the interdisciplinary activities of IAS.

During their 6 months at IAS, Early Career Fellows are asked to run a symposium or workshop on campus. The fellowships are available on a part-time basis and many are held in conjuction with part-time employment within or outside the University.