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Image Factory


Light microscopy is one of the most powerful tools in modern biology. To date a plethora of microscopy techniques have been developed. These methods empower us with unprecedented ability to look into virtually any corner of a living cell or an organism. This, in turn, greatly enchants our ability to investigate and understand various biological processes.

Here at BCB division we are applying numerous microscopy techniques to our study of fundamental processes of cell biology. Over last few years we successfully established a large collection of light microscopes and image processing tools to help us with that task. Our collection allows us to visualise and follow various molecular mechanism with sub-micron resolution in both fixed and live samples. Moreover, at the moment we successfully established imaging of these processes in various specimens including mammalian cells, fish embryos, nematode worms and yeast.

Image Factory web page offer an overview of light-microscopy related resources available in BCB division of Warwick Medical School. Those include both equipment (microscopes or workstations) and knowledge (our lectures and online sources).

Our team

Anton Kamnev
(Imaging manager)

Tel (office): +44-(0)24-7615-1934

Tel (mobile): +44-(0)782-408-6941

Email: a dot kamnev at warwick dot ac dot uk

Below you can find list of BCB microscopes. Onwer(s) of each system indicated below the name of the system.
If you would like to use any of our microscopes feel free to contact our Imaging Manger

    Wide-field systems

      Spinning disk confocals

        TIRF microscopes

          Custom systems

          • High resolution dark field system 
            Cross group
          • Laser trap system 
            Cross group

            Linked facilities

            Image Processing page displays list of workstations availabe in BCB. Those workstations could be used for both specialized coding/image processing and general purpose work (figure building, writing etc.).

            MacPro workstations (3x)


            Deconvolution station

            Balasubramanian group

            Location: MCBb, In silico area

            OS: MAC OS X 10.8.5

            Access rules & user guide

            Location: SLS, M022

            OS: Windows 7


            • Bitplane Imaris
            • PerkinElmer Volocity
            • ImageJ/Fiji
            • Microsoft Office
            • Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
            • Matlab


            • AutoQuant
            • ImageJ/Fiji
            • Andor iQ3
            • Microsoft Office

            Past Events


            The WOSM (Warwick Open Source Microscope) is a super-stable physical platform and control interface for high resolution optical microscopy. Our idea was to have a fresh look at optical microscope design, aiming to make something that was as solid and as optically straightforward as possible, consistent with being able to work at or very close to the theoretical limit of optical resolution. We were also frustrated by current microscope control interfaces and wanted to take a fresh look at that as well.

            Soon after we first started working on the designs, we realised that they would be useful not just to us but to lots of other people too, and we decided to make them open source.

            Current project - TIRF-STORM microscope

            Technical resources is a library of links leading to light-microscopy associated online resources which we found exremely useful. Those include spectraviewrs, image analysis software, online courses and many more: