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Location MCBb L1.19
Owners Cross, McAinsh & Straube groups
Trainer Anne Straube

Olympus TIRF-3 system is based on Olympus IX81 inverted base and equipped with epi-fluorescence and multiline TIRF modules. Light path of the system is fully motorized which allows rapid imaging of multiple TIRF/epi-fluorescent/BF channels over long periods of time.

Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) technique allows selective illumination of fluorescent tags localized very close to the coverslip surface (0~300 nm). Selective illumination of such a thin layer of sample leads to dramatic increase of contrast allowing imaging of very dim signals at high temporal resolution (e.g. single molecule 2D dynamics, microtubule dynamics assays, focal adhesion in cell migration etc.).


Base type Olympus IX81, inverted
Bright field BF
Objectives Oil: 100x
Air: -
Fluorescence Types: epi-fluorescence & TIRF
Channels: Dapi, GFP, Cy3/mCherry, Cy5
TIRF laser lines: 488, 561 & 640 nm
Epi light source: Metal halide lamp (Olympus MT20)
Detectors EMCCD (Hamamatsu ImagEM-1K)
Motorized stage Z: Objective motor
XY: manual control
Temperature control Heating: Full enclosure
Default temp: -
Stage inc: -
Additional features Detector beamsplitter (dual acquisition mode)