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Location MCBb L1.21
Owners Cross, McAinsh & Straube groups
Trainer Anton Kamnev

UltraView system is a spinning disk confocal fluorescent microscope produced by PerkinElmer. The microscope is based on Nikon Eclipse-Ti fully motorized inverted base and is equipped with Yokogawa CSU-X confocal unit. Full heated enclosure ensures control of the sample temperate and reduces thermal drifts. Light path of the system is fully motorized which allows rapid imaging of multiple fluorescent/bright field channels over long period of time. In addition, the system is equipped with two synchronized CCD cameras allowing simultaneous imaging of two fluorescent channels.

Spinning disk confocal allows fast (up to 50 fps) capture of submicron optical sections of the sample. Reduction of out of focus light allows this microscope to resolve objects as small as hundreds of nm (300~500 nm in X/Y and ~600 nm in Z). Moreover, reduction of excitation area during imaging leads to minimal photodamage of the sample. Fast acquisition combined with high resolution and low photodamage makes spinning disk microscopes leading tool for investigation of processes on submicron level in both fixed and live samples.


Base type Nikon Eclipse-Ti, inverted
Bright field BF
Objectives Oil: 100x, 60x, 40x
Air: 20x
Fluorescence Type: spinning disk confocal
Channels: Dapi, GFP, Cy3/mCherry, Cy5
Laser lines: 405, 488, 561, 640 nm
Detectors (2x) CCD (Hamamatsu ORCA flash4)
Motorized stage Z: Piezo stage, 100 μm travel range
XY: Motorized stage
Temperature control Heating: Full enclosure
Default temp: 37°C
Stage inc: -
Additional features FRAP module (PerkinElmer PhotoKyenesis); Lines: 405, 488, 561, 640 nm
Dual camera imaging mode