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Workshop: Basics of Bioimaging and Light Microscopy - Fall 2014

When: 10 and 11 of November 2014, 9 am ~ 3 pm

Where: GLT3, Medical School Building, Gibbet Hill Campus 41 (D8) Map, Coventry, CV47AL

Registration deadline: extended to 1st of November



The workshop covers the basics of bioimaging and light microscopy in two days, providing both theoretical knowledge and practical tips.

The aim of the workshop is to support students/staff involved in imaging of biological specimens to suitably plan/perform imaging and efficiently handle resulting digital data.

The workshop is suitable for both beginners and advanced microscope users. While beginners will take advantage of learning what light microscope can do, advanced users will benefit from learning how to get even better results from their current systems.

Areas covered:

  • Overview of fluorescent light microscope. Most important components of the light microscope which user should pay attention to - light sources, objectives, environmental chambers, illumination sources etc.
  • Imaging with transmitted light. Most common types of contrast techniques used in bioimaging with transmitted light (e.g. DIC or Phase contrast) and how to use them (inc. setting up Koehler illumination).
  • Microscope objective. Types of objectives and how to take care of them; relationship between microscope objective and resolution limit of the microscope.
  • Fluorescence. Principles of fluorescence and types of fluorescent molecules; the basics of imaging of fluorescent molecules, fluorescent filters and how to select proper filter set for imaging of single and multiple fluorophores.
  • Confocal microscopy. Types of confocal imaging (inc. LSM and spinning disk), their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Digital imaging. Recording of digital image; metadata and different types of digital images; common faults in image acquisition/processing and how to avoid them.


Number of participants in the workshop is limited. All participants must register online and pay participation fee (if applicable) in order to attend the workshop. Registration closes on 1st of November.

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Participation fees:

  • Members of BCB division of Warwick Medical Shcool - free
  • Staff/Students of the University of Warwick (UoW members) - £75
  • External participants - £125


If you are not able to attend a workshop, please let us know as soon as possible. Cancellation before 3rd of November 2014 will ensure a full refund of the participation fee. In order to cancel participation please follow to cancellation form page.

Number of participants is limited!

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anton_kamnev.pngDr Anton Kamnev
Imaging Manager, Division of Biomedical Cell Biology