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WMS online booking guide

WMS online booking system is a web-based platform for reservation of shared microscopes and related equipment.

The booking system is based on Google Calendar scheduling system. Details about its usage can be found at Google Calendar help page.

1. How to get access

1.1 Check if you have access to the system in question

Please make sure that you are allowed to use the system before proceeding with the registration. If not sure please contact Anton Kamnev (MWS Imaging Manager). Specifiy which group you are from and which microscope you would like to use.

1.2 Register as a user

Once access is granted you would need to fill the registration form. In particular you need to provide Google accont which will be later used to access booking calendars.

In particular you need to provide:

  1. Name
  2. Division/department
  3. Name of PI of your research group
  4. Your position (e.g. PhD student, Postdoctoral fellow etc.)
  5. Warwick email address (e.g.
  6. Google email address (e.g.

1.3 Get trained

To requeste training please contact Anton Kamnev (MWS Imaging Manager). Specifiy which group you are from, which microscope you would like to use and type of sample you want to image.

1.4 Receive confirmation mail

Once training is complete you will receive a confirmation mail with the link to corresponding booking calendar in Google Calendars. The mail will be sent to the Gmail address you provided during the registration. Follow the link in the mail to access the booking page.

1.5 Login to microscope booking page

To access microscope booking page please visit Google Calendar web page and login with the Google account used during registration.

2. Booking the microscope

2.1 Select microscope booking page

Upon login all microscope booking pages you have access to will be displayed in the right panel under “Other calendars” (Fig 1). If you have access to more than one system multiple calendars will show up. To access/view bookings for particular system please click on corresponding calendar.

Fig.1 Booking page for LSM-510 Meta confocal

2.2 Make a reservation

1. Choose correct booking calendar

2. Double click on desired time slot. You will be transferred to page with booking details (Fig 2).

3. Indicate start/end time.

4. Type in your name to booking heading (called “untitled event” by default)

5. Double-check that correct calendar is selected (field “ Calendar”). If booking is created under other calendar than one used for booking other users won’t see it.

[Important!] Booking doesn’t automatically show who created it. Make sure to add your name to change the heading.

Fig.2 Booking details

3. Booking rules

Each microscope has its own set of booking rules. Please make sure you are familiar with them before booking.