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Recent Developments in the Patho-Physiological Molecular Clocks Lab

URSS poster presentation of Rilind's summer project

Wed 07 Nov 2018, 14:11 | Tags: 2018, Student, Conference

Congratulations Kristin!

The first PhD student from the Chrono Lab in Warwick! Congratulations to Dr. Abraham.

Wed 31 Oct 2018, 22:50 | Tags: 2018, Student, Talks

Visit of Leila Tarokh

We are very happy to have Dr Leila Tarokh from UZH/Uni Bern to give a talk on genetically established sleephysiological traits.

Thanks to IAS of Warwick to sponsor her visit!

WMS, A1.50, 10am, 17 Oct.

Tue 16 Oct 2018, 15:46 | Tags: 2018, Talks

Viva Kristin Abraham

Kristin has submitted the first Chronotherapy Thesis at Warwick. The project is a collaboration within the collaborative CRUK funded project "New Generation Clock-Based Cancer Chemotherapy."

Her viva will commence with a pre-VIVA talk on 31 October 2018, at 10:00 in room A039 of Warwick Medical School.

Thu 04 Oct 2018, 14:32 | Tags: 2018, Student

Welcome new PhD student in joint project on microfluidic devices in chronopharmacology

Ben has successfully completed his MSc year in inter-disciplinary biomedical research and will now take on the lead on a collaborative project with Jerome Charmet (WMG) and us on designing integrated novel microfluidic devices to evaluate chronopharmacologocical profiles.

Wed 03 Oct 2018, 17:58 | Tags: 2018, Student

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